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Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture – Part Two

Modular and Convertible Kids Beds

Secrets of Our Kids' Furniture - Part Two (2)
8 Aug, 2018

Welcome to the second part of the Kuhl Home kids’ furniture secrets blog. In the first we looked at how to get the most out of your Lifetime Kidsrooms beds. In this blog, we focus on the versatile and modular nature of Lifetime Kidsrooms kids’ beds. Not only do they look great, but they can be adjusted to meet your child’s needs as they grow.  


Lifetime Kidsrooms are a major Danish manufacturer who have been operating for over 40 years. In that time, much has changed, however their philosophy that children should be able play and explore, hasn’t. At Kuhl Home, we are proud to be Singapore’s exclusive supplier of Lifetime Kidsroom kids’ furniture .  


So, let’s dive in and start Part Two of the ‘Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture’.  


“What are Lifetime Kidsrooms Pull Out/Trundle Bed Options?”

Secrets of Our Kids' Furniture - Part Two (1) First of all, we have the large bed drawer, which makes great use of space under the bed. Space that would otherwise be wasted is utilised expertly to keep your little one’s toys nice and tidy. You can see this simple yet effective option for yourself here. And there’s more… This kids’ furniture has a dual use! When needed it can also be used as an extra bed! You’ll just need to add slats. While this is a popular choice with our customers, it is also pricier than the following option.  


The other, less costly pull out option is the pull out bed with in-built slats. What you save in cost, you lose in functionality, as this one is only for sleeping on! This option can be raised to the same height as normal kids’ beds and is super comfy. The shorter sides of this bed are not covered by planks of wood, but extra planks can be bought for additional cost.  


“What Ladder, Plank and Slide options are there?”

Secrets of Our Kids' Furniture - Part Two (1)   There’s one thing that children love and that’s to climb and play! There are a number of options in the Lifetime Kidsrooms range that lets them do just that.  


  1. Our loft beds can be bought with a straight ladder, which is the perfect height for playing.
  2. The second option is the slanted ladder option that offers a touch more style. This ladder is a little easier to climb and gives more character to loft beds.
  3. The third option is where the fun level really starts! The ladder with slide choice means that playtime can carry on even after you’re back from the park. This ladder can be placed on our loft beds.
  4. The fourth is the rather fetching ladder for use with the Treehouse bed. It’s available in a wooden ladder or the plank and rope ladder option. The fun to be had getting in and out of kids’ bed is plain to see!
  5. Lastly, there are three innovative and stylish options for the Hangout Kids’ Beds series.

  Secrets of Our Kids' Furniture - Part Two (1)

“Which Bed Fronts are available?”

Secrets of Our Kids' Furniture - Part Two (1) There are a number of customisable bedfronts available, offering almost endless possibilities. This is another example of how Lifetime Kidsrooms modular design provide flexible style options. These gorgeous bedfronts can be seen in more detail in a recent blog we wrote on the subject.


“How Can I Accessorize my Kids’ Furniture ?”

Secrets of Our Kids' Furniture - Part Two (1)


There are numerous ways that you can accessorize your Lifetime Kidsrooms kids’ beds. Whatever your taste or preference, there’s something for everyone. From shocking pink to pastel tones, a wide variety of looks can be achieved. Download the catalogue to see more!  


Come and See For Yourself!

You can find us at Kuhl Home at our warehouse showroom on Pasir Panjang Road. We’ve got lots more in store from Scandinavia’s top furniture designers and we’d just love to see you there.   If that’s not possible, you could always look through the rest of our website. Alternatively, you could give our friendly experts a call on +65 6270 8487 who can answer any questions you might have.  


Thanks for reading our blog. We hope it has given you an insight into how useful modular design can be. See you again soon!


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  1. Wei Chuan says:


    My baby girl is only 16 months and we are looking for a suitable bed, pretty and nice with the girly girly feel to it. most importantly, it must be safe for her.

    we are very afraid of falls or knocks. Currently, she is still learning how to walk and usually have to walk with support.

    Do you have something suitable for her? I have viewed some beds which can be converted when they turn older. are those suitable for her?

    Please feel free to reach out to me.

    Wei Chuan

  2. The Kuhl Home Team says:

    Hello Wei Chuan!

    Thank you for asking! Yes, we definitely have something that would suit your daughter – the 4 in 1! (LINK: By purchasing this bed, you will have the part for all 4 modes as seen in the link. The bed will start low to the ground, which will be perfect (and safe) for your daughter. We also have feminine designs/canopies to go with it! As your daughter grows, she (or you) can choose to convert the bed to more mature designs. Please click the link to view all four designs!

    Currently, we have the 4 in 1 on display. You are more than welcome to drop by our showroom to get a closer look at our bed!

    Best Regards,

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