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Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture – Part One

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Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One
1 Aug, 2018

Over the last few weeks, we’ve looked into the wonderful and extensive range of Lifetime Kidsrooms Kids’ Furniture. We’ve also seen how they are able to offer play inspiration and offer a great night’s sleep. However, what we haven’t covered, is something that doesn’t get talked about very often.


What’s the subject? Well, it’s the topic of how to maximise the wonder of Lifetime Kidsrooms Furniture. You might say “but they’re amazing already!” and you would be right. However, at Kuhl Home, Singapore, we want our customers to make the most out of their kids’ furniture. So, in this article, we look at some of the useful benefits they offer.


“Why are Lifetime Kidsrooms beds only available in whitewash, greywash and white?

Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One One reason is that it makes each kids bed look modern, clean and bright. Another is that these neutral hues are able to be colour coordinated with any accessory from our range. Whether it is with some blue brick cushions or a red throw, nothing will clash. The possibilities are endless!   Neutral colours are also suitable for older children, so as their tastes change, so can their bed. It is just another way that Lifetime Kidsrooms kids’ beds evolve as your children grow.


“My child is ‘X’ years old now. Which Kids’ bed are they best suited to?”

0-4 Years

Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One



There are two suitable choices available from the Lifetime Kidsrooms line for a toddler. The first being the Baby Cot Bed, which itself has a flexible design. It can be converted into a Junior Bed that can stay with them until they’re 4.



Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One


However, unless your child is under 2, we recommend the 4 in 1 as it offers 4 bed models that grow with your child at a lowered price. Both are gorgeous in their own way, but we think this one is the savvy choice from a cost perspective.

4-6 Years

Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One


When your little tyke gets to those climbing years, you can start to look at grown up beds! You can opt for a Loft Bed or an equally stunning Bunk Bed. These beds feature ladders, loft spaces and a whole lot of playtime potential!

7-9 Years

Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One


There comes a time when sons and daughters need space for study. Exams don’t just pass themselves you know! The Study Bed features a desk and cabinet area. A popular choice amongst young students with books (and toys) to store away.

10+ Years

Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One


When kids get to near their teens, they need space to socialise. Whether it’s a sleepover for boys or girls the Cabin Bed is a great option, as too is the gorgeously grown up Dreams Bed. The first offering great functionality and the second, an elegant choice for that young man or lady.


“Should I choose a bunk bed or 2 single beds?”

Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part One The answer to this one depends on a couple of things. How old your two children are and how much space you have. If your children are of similar age and there’s a premium on space, bunk beds are the best. However, if you’ve got room to spare and there’s a wider age gap you could choose 2 singles.   We feel that bunk beds are the most cost effective option. That is, as long as the eldest child is able to climb the ladder. All of our bunk beds can also be (eventually) converted into two single beds. This is extra handy when you’re moving to a bigger home!


“I’m not sure if your beds can fit in my room.”

Secrets of Our Kids’ Furniture - Part OneWell, the first thing we would suggest would be to come in and see us, but don’t forget your floor plan! However, if that’s difficult for you, why not use our Configurator! This nifty software allows you accurately determine which will fit…and it’s quite fun too!


Established Quality

Lifetime Kidsrooms is a quality Danish kids’ furniture brand that has been in existence since 1972. Their beautiful products are built to last from strong, slow growing, sustainable pine. What’s more, they’re flexible and innovative and represent a real investment in your kids’ childhood. We are proud to be the exclusive Lifetime Kidsrooms Kids’ furniture supplier for Singapore.   You can visit us at Kuhl Home at our easy to find warehouse showroom on Pasir Panjang Road. We’d love to see you there, as we’ve lots more in store from Scandinavia’s top furniture designers.


If you can’t get in to see us, you can always look through the rest of our website. Or you could give our friendly experts a call on +65 6270 8487 for advice on the wide range of products we offer.


We hope you have enjoyed our blog and that it has given you an insight into the brand’s flexibility and quality. We’ll be back soon with Part Two of our Lifetime Kidsrooms. Until next time!


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