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Care and Maintenance

Product Care For Your Kids Furniture and Kids Beds

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Product Care for Solid Wood Kids Furniture

All our kids beds and other kids furniture from Lifetime Kidsrooms and Oliver Furniture are durable and crafted with high-quality materials, and we hope your kids will enjoy them for many years to come. To prolong the lifespan of your kids furniture such as their kids’ single bed, kids’ loft bed, kids’ bunk bed, study or storage furniture, below are a few simple product maintenance steps to follow.

Care Maintenance For Your Kids Furniture and Kids Beds

  • All the surfaces of Lifetime Kidsrooms and Oliver Furniture products can be cleaned easily with a damp (not wet) cloth.

  • For Lifetime Kidsrooms beds, ensure that the maximum distributed load for beds with standard slats do not exceed 150 kg and do not exceed 200 kg for luxury slats. Parents, you’d still be able to cuddle your children and read them bedtime stories on their bed if the combined weight of both parent and child is within the weight limit.

  • Solid pine wood is a breathable material – an important detail when it comes to knowing how to clean pine wood furniture. Remember to take extra care when cleaning pine wood beds and furniture:

    1. Using fine sandpaper, rub in the direction of the grain – to remove any varnish or build up of dirt and grease.
    2. Fill any scratches or holes with a wood filler specifically designed for pine – it should match the colour of your furniture.
    3. Re-apply paint or varnish. Safe and non-toxic paint can be easily bought from a house paint retailer
    4. Buff to a shine with a dry, soft cloth.

Complimentary Maintenance Service for Lifetime Kidsrooms Kids Beds

All the materials used to produce your child’s Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals – this includes the paint, glues, fabrics and product coatings. As such, kindly note that:

  • For the Whitewash and Greywash options, tree sap may seep through the knots due to factors such as humidity, exposure to sunlight and others.
  • For the White Lacquer option, there is a possibility of slight discolouration with time

Should you require a touch-up due to discolouration or the browning of knots on the wood, we offer a complimentary maintenance service where our service team sands and repaints the affected areas on your bed frame. This service is only valid between 12 and 18 months after delivery. Kindly send us an email within this period to Terms and conditions apply.