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Top 5 Best Mattress Types for Your Kids

Best Mattress Types for Good Sleep

Lifetime kids bed and mattress - Creative kids furniture at Kuhl Home Singapore
30 May, 2019

How much sleep exactly do children need each night? This is a question every parent must have pondered themselves.   


To be rested and energised for a full day of activities playing or studying, children need significantly more sleep than adults to achieve this. Current guidelines recommend that 3-5 year-olds should sleep 11-13 hours a night, and 6-9 year-olds should sleep 10-11 hours a night, according to guidelines by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.  



The right support for growing bodies

Sleeping on the right mattress is one essential factor in ensuring your kids wake up well-rested every morning. When looking for the perfect sleep solution for your children, parents should consider the support system and strength of the mattress.  


With a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, how do you decide on the right one for your kids? Worry not, we’ve selected the top five best mattress types for your kids. It’ll be that much easier to narrow down your search after reading this guide.  


1. Memory Foam kids mattress

Lifetime kids 5 zone foam mattress

This mattress type is popular as it gradually conforms to your children’s bodies as they sleep. It is a great choice if you’re looking for good support and comfort. It also offers good shoulder and hip support if they sleep on their sides.  


Other benefits of memory foam mattresses are that they contain several layers of foam that resist the tendency to sag in the middle, and this removes the need to flip the mattress routinely. Additionally, this mattress type is also more value for money compared to the more expensive latex and pocket spring options. A downside to the memory foam is the possible odor that might arise – so don’t forget to air the mattress regularly if you opt for this choice!  


2. Latex kids mattress


Sofzsleep latex kids mattress


Latex mattresses use latex foam instead of memory foam. It conforms to your body and reduces the pressure on your muscles and circulation, and there are three different types of latex used in mattresses:  


  • 100% natural latex – made with 100% natural rubber latex
  • Natural latex – made with 85% natural rubber latex and 15% synthetic latex
  • Pure latex – made with 20% natural rubber latex and 80% synthetic latex



The most expensive type of latex mattress, with probably the most ‘luxurious’ feel, is made from 100% latex. This material also offers varying levels of firmness and plushness to accommodate little ones who sleep on their side, back or tummy. A great option for those who often toss and turn in bed. This mattress type might be pricier and weighs more than other types but other than these, it has no real downsides.  


3. Pocket Spring kids mattress

Lifetime kids mattress in pocket spring


A pocket spring mattress has each of its springs (there could be thousands) enclosed individually in a pocket of cloth or cloth-like material. Hence, all springs do not contract all at once when you move or turn on your bed.  


The general rule on pocket coil systems is the more coils, the more responsive and motion controlled the mattress is, while still providing support. This directly translates to more comfort. It is also important to consider the foam quality that is wrapped around the coil system – if the quality isn’t good, your kids might find the bed uncomfortable.  


4. Gel-infused foam kids mattress

Gel-infused foam mattresses were originally engineered to improve airflow, release trapped heat, and help sleepers stay comfortable throughout the night. But take note that this varies for everyone, and a few recent surveys have shown that this depends on the individual.   Do take note that if your kids tend to sleep warm or hot,  there should be less focus on gel and instead on the mattress type.  


5. Innerspring memory foam hybrid kids mattress

Hybrid mattresses are definitely in now as they bring in the best of two worlds. A hybrid mattress is really just the combination of two materials and in this case, they are innersprings and foam. A key benefit is precise support exactly where the body needs it most as it contours to the form. Another upside is that the addition of the foam makes it more comfortable for your kids.  


Hybrid labeling can sometimes be ambiguous as to what materials are actually inside. This hybrid mattress type is not the only hybrid in the market, and to find the right one you may have to do some research to find out in a hybrid is indeed what your kids need for their slumber.  


Making mattress shopping easier

A mattress is a long-term investment that requires careful consideration. It would be best if you bring your little ones with you when shopping for mattresses as they would be better at picking out the one that suits them most.   If you need additional tips on finding the right kids bed for your children, read this guide. 


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