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The Ultimate Guide to Find the Perfect Kids Bed in Singapore

Find the Ideal, Kids Bed

kids bunk bed - Creative kids furniture at Kuhl Home Singapore
15 May, 2019

Buying a bed and mattress is a long-term investment. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help with this handy guide. We delve into 6 key considerations parents should take note of before deciding on the perfect kids bed.  


It’s essential for your little ones to have the right bed to sleep on to ensure they are well rested after each night of sleep. Design is important when it comes to choosing the right bed, but comfort must never be compromised.    


kuhl home kids bed  

Here’s a helpful guide with 6 factors for you to consider before choosing the right children’s bed for your kids:  


1) Making the right long-term investment

Children grow up so fast, even though we don’t want them to. Investing in the right bed frame that lasts until their teen years means that they get the comfort of sleeping in the bed they’re familiar with.  


It’s important to consider the right size and height of the bed, especially for one that your kids will use for years. The standard single bed frame in Singapore fits mattresses that are 90cm by 190cm. For taller kids, you could opt to get a mattress that’s European-sized as it’s a bit longer – 90cm by 200cm.  


If you have children who share a bedroom, you could also look into getting a double decker bed. It’s generally safe to get bunk beds for kids once they reach the age of six. And kids usually love this option!  


Kuhl home kids furniture Bunk Beds



2) Is the bed sturdy enough?

A sturdy bed will provide a growing body with the right support it needs to rest comfortably every night. And it should survive the occasional “trampolining” on the bed when your kids have friends over and start monkeying around. Bed slats and the material of the bed frame are two considerations to ensure the bed for your kids is strong enough to last for years.  


Bed Slats

Bed slats are an important consideration, and often looked over when purchasing a bed. Certain bed frames accommodate an adjustable slatted bed base. The benefits of this include natural spinal alignment, improved back support, and even body pressure distribution.  


It might not be easy to find children beds with this feature in Singapore, but Lifetime kids furniture provide two bed slat options that parents can choose for their children, one of which is adjustable. All their bed systems for kids start with a basic bed that’s a modular bed frame, and can be built on.  


The first bed slat option is non-adjustable and comes fitted with a 16 slatted base that can hold up to a maximum of 150 kg. And their second option is a bed frame that comes fitted with 28 slats with an adjustable lumbar section which can hold up to a maximum of 200 kg. Sturdy enough to hold the weight of kids playing on beds!   Limited Edition Bunk Bed Bed Frame Material  


  • Wooden bed frame 

Wood is a crowd favourite for bed frames, as they tend to be sturdy, reliable and is less prone to noise issues. Wooden bed frames can also be easily painted to match your kids bedroom decor. This is especially handy when they grow up and want a different colored bedroom.  


One of the most common woods used in bed manufacturing is pine – this is because it is sturdy and can be painted with ease.   Silversparkle Kids Hut Bed    

  • Metal bed frame

Metal beds are another popular choice when it comes to buying a bed frame. They can be painted to match your kids bedroom decor. But the paint work on metal beds are more susceptible to chips or scratches. Metal bed frames are also more vulnerable to becoming squeaky.  


  • Upholstered bed frame

The base structure of upholstered beds are usually made from wood. The wood is wrapped in soft fabric, leather or faux leather which makes it much softer to the touch. This option tends to be more popular for adults than children.  


Parents should take note that the main downside to upholstered beds is that they need regular vacuuming in order to prevent it from getting too dusty. So this option would not be suitable for kids with dust allergies. But upholstered beds do make for a unique addition to a kids room.  


3) Choosing the right kids mattress

When looking for kids mattress, parents should consider the support system and strength of the mattress. With different types to choose from, how do you choose the right one for your kids? We dive into 4 popular mattress types below – memory foam, latex, pocket coil and innerspring.   It’s also best to bring your little ones to furniture stores to test mattresses before deciding on one as they’re the ones sleeping on them.  

Memory foam mattress - Lifetime

Memory foam mattress

Memory Foam  


This mattress type is popular as it gradually conforms to your child’s body as they sleep. It is a great choice if you’re looking for good support and comfort. It also offers good shoulder and hip support if they sleep on their sides.  


Other benefits of memory foam mattresses are that they contain several layers of foam that resist the tendency to sag in the middle, and this removes the need to flip the mattress routinely; and this mattress type is also more value for money compared to the more expensive latex and pocket spring options.  

Latex mattress lifetime

Latex mattress



Latex mattresses use latex foam instead of memory foam. It conforms to your child’s body and reduces the pressure on their muscles and circulation. There are three different types of latex used in mattresses:  

  • 100% natural latex – made with 100% natural rubber latex
  • Natural latex – made with 85% natural rubber latex and 15% synthetic latex
  • Pure latex – made with 20% natural rubber latex and 80% synthetic latex


The most expensive type of latex mattress, with probably the most ‘luxe’ feel, is made from 100% latex. This material also offers varying levels of firmness and plushness to accommodate little ones who sleep on their side, back or tummy. A great option for those who often toss and turn in bed.  

Pocket spring mattress lifetime

Pocket spring mattress

 Pocket Spring  


A pocket spring mattress has each of its springs (there could be thousands) enclosed individually in a pocket of cloth or cloth-like material. Hence, all springs do not contract all at once when your child moves or turns on their bed.  


This means there’s a contraction proportionate to the immediate weight at the side, leading to better support for your child’s back and body’s curves.  




Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest types of mattresses available, and they are fitted with an arrangement of spring coils under the surface, sandwiched on two sides by a mesh over which the foam material rests.  


It provides good spinal support but some might deem it a bit hard on their backs. An upside to this mattress type is that it’s more cost effective than the other types such as latex, memory foam or pocket coil.  


4 In 1 Kids Bed modular bed  

4) Should you go modular on bed frames?

When buying beds for kids aged six and above, parents should consider storage, design and durability. Children grow up quickly and their needs often change.  


Your solution: modular bed frames. You could start them out with a basic modular bed then build up from there. With a modular frame and design, you could easily add on storage spaces or even a pull out bed/bunk bed.   


Desk with modular bed  


Perhaps they’ve just entered primary school and need their own space to complete school assignments. You could outfit a study desk below their bed. (Pictured above)   kids bedroom with bunk bed and study space


  Maybe your little ones are social butterflies and love having friends over, then a comfy hangout area would complement their needs. (Pictured above)    


Cabin bed - modular bed with storage space


  If you need more storage space for your kids as bedrooms in Singapore can be a little small, you could also build a storage space into their modular bed frame. (Pictured above)

5) Measuring and planning your kids bedroom space

Parents, we feel your pain when you say you don’t have enough time for yourselves. Much less alone time for furniture shopping. To help you with this issue, you only need to equip yourself with a measuring tape!  


With this free kids bedroom configurator, you could easily drag and drop different furniture such as beds, study desks and cupboards into a room with customised dimensions. We’ve tried it ourselves and it’s really easy to use. Imagine a Sims game, but for designing your kids rooms. This is definitely a handy tool for busy parents!

Designing Children’s Bedrooms with lifetime configurator

6) Will my child love this?

This is probably the most important consideration when buying a kids bed. As parents, we’d like the best for our children but ultimately, they’re the ones sleeping on their beds every night.  


Your kids should come along when shopping for beds to stress-test both mattresses and bed frames in showrooms. This way, they would be able to choose their ‘big kid’ bed that’s perfect for their needs.  


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