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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Whilst Using Bunk Beds

Keeping Your Kids Safe Whilst Using Bunk Beds

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Whilst Using Bunk Beds
24 Oct, 2018

(The above picture features our Family Bunk Bed.)


Bunk beds and loft beds are a staple of children’s bedrooms across the world. They save space, they’re great for sleeping in and they’re both flexible and functional. However, with children being children, there are extra steps you need to take to ensure that they stay bump free. Here we take a look at things parents in Singapore can do to protect their kids against those bunk bed bumps and scrapes.  


Preventing Injuries  


How to Keep Your Kids Safe Whilst Using Bunk Beds


Sticking to a few simple rules should ensure that your little ones are safe whilst using their kids bunk beds.  


Rule 1 – Kids younger than 6 should not play or sleep on the top bunk. 50% of all injuries on bunk beds happen because children under 6 don’t typically have the necessary coordination to stay safe.  


Rule 2 – Ensure ladders are securely attached to the bunk bed and that your little one can get up and down easily. Putting a night light next to the bed is a good idea too, so that they can see where they’re going.  


Rule 3 – Keeping your kids from playing rough or jumping on your bunk beds is a must. It will ensure that the integrity of its construction stays intact.  


Rule 4 – Tidying the floor area around the kids bed of loose toys and clothes will remove any trip hazard.  


The Quality of Your Bunk Beds  

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Whilst Using Bunk Beds  


Another aspect to focus on is the build quality of your kids bunk bed. There are a number of design standards that they need to meet to be considered safe.  


The bunk bed in your child’s room should have guardrails on the top bunk, with just one opening for getting on and off. This gap should not be more than 38cm wide (ours is just this wide) and the rails should clear the top of the mattress by at least 12.7cm. (Ours is ~15cm!) You should also ensure that the mattress being used is the right one suggested by the manufacturer. Use one that’s too small or too big and your child could hurt themselves. There should also be no corner post or ‘finial’ on the footboard. According to international standards, these corner posts present a risk of strangulation, should bed clothes become entangled.  




Where you place your bunk beds is a very important factor too and you need to ensure that:  


  • Your child has sufficient headroom to sit up on the top bunk
  • No light fittings or fans are nearby
  • Your kid’s bunk bed is never next to a window
  • They’re placed in a way that makes it easy for your child to get in and out


A Corner Bunk Bed is the perfect solution to this problem, as it sits lower than a traditional bunk bed. This gives you much more flexibility in where it can be placed in your child’s bedroom.  


How to Keep Your Kids Safe Whilst Using Bunk Beds


  Why We Recommend Lifetime Kidsrooms Bunk Beds  

The Lifetime Kidsrooms kids beds we supply are TUV Certified. This international certification means that they fulfill all legal safety requirements, offering real peace of mind to parents. In addition to being high quality, play inspiring bunk beds, they’re the safest around to boot.  


If you’d like to come and see them for yourself, we’d recommend coming in to see us. Our kids’ furniture showroom is easy to find on Pasir Panjang Road Singapore. We’d love to see you and answer any questions you might have about the super-safe, great looking loft beds we have in store.  


Nothing is more precious than your little ones and by investing in quality, you help protect them. We hope that this blog has been useful and it has helped you to keep your kiddies safe.  


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time!


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