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Kids Beds that embody the perfect fusion of form and function

Play Tower Kids Loft Bed- Creative kids furniture at Kuhl Home Singapore
12 Dec, 2023

For children, a bed is not just simply a place to lie down for the night, it is also an area for playing, thinking and growing -a canvas to simulate their imagination. Thus to encourage better mental wellbeing and growth of creative functions, many parents look for kids bed frames that are fun for the little ones , yet safe , comfortable and durable.


At Kuhl Home, we are a kids furniture shop that specializes in children beds. We carry renowned European kids bedroom furniture brands such as Lifetime Kidsroom and Oliver Furniture and have various different types of kids beds, from loft bed kid to bunk beds for kids, to suit your needs. These kids bed frames are masterfully crafted with high quality, ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable materials which result in not only superior durability but also a safe and toxin free piece of kids furniture.


Kids Bunk beds : optimizing vertical space

Bunk beds for kids, such as the low bunk bed by Lifetime Kidsroom  are the go to choice for parents looking to maximize space in shared bedrooms as their vertical arrangement allows for two people to sleep comfortably in the spatial footprint of a single bed. The top bunk is usually accessible via a built-in ladder , resulting in an elevated and cozy sleeping area.  This makes it ideal for siblings sharing a room to sleep together, leaving more space for other activities. Beyond their space saving benefits, bunk beds can also be customized with various designs and patterns, such as the hangout kids bunk bed, resulting in a bed that doubles as a play area.


Lifetime Kidsrooms - Family bunk bed - kids storage bed

Loft beds : elevating your sleep and space

Loft bed kid such as the wood low loft bed takes the idea of optimizing vertical space a step further by raising the bed platform, but leaving the bottom space empty , creating an open space underneath that can be used as a cozy reading space or play cave. This versatile design opens up many possibilities for customization, and is especially suitable for parents that have smaller bedrooms and are seeking multifunctional children beds to make the best use of their space.


wood original low loft bed - kuhl home singapore


Traditional beds : timeless comfort 


For parents who prefer a more traditional option , classic single  kids beds  such as the seaside classic kids single day bed provide a familiar and comfortable sleeping experience for your little ones. These classic kids bed furniture  are positioned at standard height, and their simplicity and versatility make it easy to match the decor of any bedroom. For a more personalized touch these beds can even be customized into designs such as the road race single bed  to match the preferences of your child.


Space Dream Kids Bed - Creative kids furniture at Kuhl Home Singapore

House beds : let your information take flight


House beds are particularly popular  amongst parents who want to make their kids bedroom furniture more fun and interactive for their little ones. These beds such as the beach house kids single bed are deliberately shaped like miniature houses with a roofed top. These imaginative and whimsical designs act as a canvas where kids can play and exercise their creativity. 



Lake House 2 Kids Hut Bed, Kuhl Home Singapore


In conclusion, the perfect bed for your kids bedroom depends on your lifestyle, available space, and personal taste. Loft beds maximize vertical space, bunk beds are practical for shared rooms, house beds infuse whimsy and fun into children’s bedrooms, and traditional beds offer timeless comfort. Whatever your preference, Kuhl home can help, with each bed type bringing its own unique charm to create a bedroom sanctuary tailored to your children.


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