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Jaw-droppingly Beautiful Kids’ Beds, Now in Singapore!

Designer, Convertible Bunk Beds for Kids

Kids' Bed Singapore
27 Apr, 2018

In love with Lifetime Kidsrooms’ new range of kids’ furniture? Here’s more of the same! Last time, we showed you three wonderful kids’ beds – the Beach House, the Beach House with Bench and the Blue Camo. So here’s three more – the Dotti, Fairy Dust and Space Dream! Now, what is it that ties all these beds together under one brand? Here’re the details!   Lifetime Kidsroom Logo  

  • Convertible – All kids’ beds in the Lifetime Kidsrooms range can be converted into a base bed, as seen below. This means that when your child outgrows their chosen bed design in the future, there is no need to purchase an additional bed!
  • Handcrafted in Denmark – Lifetime’s range of kids’ furniture is designed and given shape in Denmark. On top of well thought out designs, this ensures excellent craftsmanship, quality and durability.
  • Famous Brand – Even though we only brought Lifetime Kidsrooms into Singapore a few years ago, it is noteworthy to mention that this brand has been standing strong in Denmark since 1972. Now it is found in over 400 stores worldwide. In Singapore, Lifetime Kidsrooms is exclusively retailed at Kuhl Home.
  • Made of Solid Pine – The wood used in this Scandinavian kids’ furniture brand is harvested from the bitter cold forests of Scandinavia. This means slow-growing trees and tighter knots – phenomenons that boost the sturdy quality of the wood.
  • Certified Safe – Through the use of environmentally friendly varnishes and stains that are water-based, Lifetime Kidsrooms ensures that there will be no unpleasant surprises or hidden toxins for your little one and the rest of the family. In addition, these modular kids’ beds are built with the safety of your children in mind. Regardless of how often they are converted into other forms, these kids beds will remain stable throughout.
  • 5 Year Warranty – As a proof of Lifetime Kidsrooms’ confidence in their kids’ furniture, they offer their valued patrons 5 years of warranty on their products.

  Lifetime Kidsroom Basic Bed   Jaw-droppingly Beautiful Kids Beds, Now in Singapore


Are you seeing spots? Don’t worry – I do too! The Dotti is one of the most elegant designs Lifetime Kidsrooms has ever put out in the kids bed market and it is likely to be popular among young adolescent girls. As girls grow older, they will seek a greater amount of privacy. The Dotti Canopy will offer them this and so much more. If your daughter enjoys sleepovers or require additional storage space for her school supplies, you may consider adding a trundle bed or drawer beneath.  


Jaw-droppingly Beautiful Kids Beds, Now in Singapore


Is your daughter a Twinkle Bell fan? Then this Fairy-themed kids bed (aka Fairy Dust)will be a fantasy come true. This is the first time we have seen a mid-high bed combined with a 4-poster from Lifetime Kidsrooms and we are astounded at how well it all goes together. To add a bit of fun, why not include a slide? It will feel just like flying!


Jaw-droppingly Beautiful Kids Beds, Now in Singapore


We saved one of the best for the last. Here’s the Space Dream, a beautifully simple design that was built upon the already popular base bed. This minimalist and adorable design means that a lower amount of wood is needed to craft this bed, which is good news for your wallet! Although it has just be released, it has already garnered a substantial amount of interest from our many followers.  


What do you think? Which kids bed is your favourite?


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