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Invest to Save – Kids’ Beds that Grow With Your Child

4 Designs in Just One Kid's Bed Frame

Junior Bed 2018 - Children's Bed Singapore
2 Nov, 2018

There are many benefits associated with investing in children’s beds from Lifetime Kidsrooms. Not least being how well crafted and aesthetically pleasing they are. However, another reason they are so popular with families all across Singapore , is their flexibility.  Because kids grow so fast, adapting their bedrooms to meet their changing needs can be a frequent occurrence. Yet the journey from childhood to adulthood can be made so much easier with children’s beds from Lifetime Kidsrooms.  


Big Ticket Items  


Redecorating every few years is not something that can really be avoided, but buying a quality bed should only happen once. An excellent example of what we mean is one of our most popular – the 4-in-1 bed. In terms of children’s beds its probably the most adaptable on the market.   Our MVP Kids Beds The 4-in-1 (1)


It’s also what we call the ‘package deal’ bed, because of how it’s able to be converted as your child grows. Suitable for kids from the age of 2, the 4-in-1 will still be useable by your little one as they move through their teenage years. Not only that, but all Lifetime Kidsrooms beds can be converted into any other of the beds in their range. All that’s need to adapt these children’s beds is the conversion parts – offering supreme versatility.   Let’s take a closer look at how you can let Lifetime Kidsrooms children’s beds evolve as your child grows.  

The Baby Cot Bed…

Invest to Save - Kids’ Beds that Grow With Your Child


Offering security and comfort, the Baby Cot Bed provides everything a cot should and more. This is the first stage of the evolution of the Lifetime range. This height adjustable cot can be set at 17cm, 35cm or 50cm, depending on how old your little tot is. Not only that, but it is easily converted into the next stage of development – The Junior Bed.  

To The Junior Bed…

Invest to Save - Kids’ Beds that Grow With Your Child  

Stage two is where your kids will start to feel more grown up, as they move from their cot into their big boy or big girls bed.. The Junior Kids Bed provides complete flexibility and can be simply adapted to the next level of growth.  


The Space Dream Kids’ Bed…

Invest to Save - Kids’ Beds that Grow With Your Child


When your child gets too big for the Junior Kids Bed, it’s time to switch it out completely with one of our famous kids’ bed. This is Stage three. An example of this is The Space Dream Kids’ Bed. Don’t worry about the extra height, as the bed front will prevent them from rolling out while they’re asleep. This level is perfect for those in between years, as your child approaches their teens.  


Invest to Save - Kids’ Beds that Grow With Your Child



Stage four is when the Space Dream Bed morphs into its largest form, the Study Kids’ Bed. Lifetime Kidsrooms children’s beds can be converted to suit teenagers, as can be seen here. This loft bed with desk is the ideal option to cater for your kids as they start their student years. Configuring your bed this way provides both restful sleep and a quiet, comfortable area for dealing with all that extra homework!   There truly is an option for every stage of your little one’s development.  


Come and See For Yourself  

At Kuhl Home, we offer the very best in Scandinavian girls beds , loft bunk beds and children storage . Whatever your child’s needs, we have something to suit. We are the exclusive suppliers of Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture in Singapore and we know their beds are built to last.   If you want to see for yourself, we’d recommend you come and see us at our kids furniture showroom. It’s easy to find on Pasir Panjang Road and it’s the only way to truly understand how good they are. Alternatively, if you want some advice on finding the ideal kids furniture for your needs, call us now on +65 6270 8487.  


Thank you reading our blog. We hope it has shown just how flexible Lifetime Kidsrooms children’s beds really are.  


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