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The secrets to helping your child grow

Sleep Well With the Right Kids Bed

Lifetime kidsrooms kids beds - Lifetime kids base bed in white Lifetime kids base bed in whitewash - Creative kids furniture at Kuhl Home Singapore
19 Oct, 2017

Play of all kinds is the best form of education for a young child. Through play, a child can improve their motor, cognitive and social skills – just to name a few. A good question to ask here is then, how do you encourage it at home? The Lifetime Kidsroom Collection has those answers.


play, learn, sleep bed. Kids furniture


Let’s start small (pun not intended), shall we? Here’s the Play, Learn and Sleep bed, which is perfect for children who have learnt to walk and are slowly acquiring more complex skills. The gangplank and slide will encourage your child to move move move, thus providing them with opportunities to learn how to use their limbs and tiny fingers. The chalkboard at the front will also provide them with a place to learn their alphabets while acquiring writing skills, whether is it with a parent or a friend.


clip on lamp, clip on table, storage box on castors


And let’s not forget the accessories – first, the clip-on table and lamp. There are a hundred of one things you can do with them, such as reading a book or using it as a perch for other objects such as stuffed toys, clocks and water bottles. (It’s always important to keep these hyperactive engines hydrated, yes?) Second, the empty space below the bed is ideal for storing your child’s a hundred and one toys. For a parent, there is surely nothing better than a tidy bedroom.


Older children, now smarter and more mobile, are trickier to handle. However, Lifetime Kidsrooms has considered all of that. Behold the Wild Child – a bed theme that will inspire any girl or boy to be creative with their role playing. First, let’s talk about the mid-high bed frame. It is especially ideal for small Singapore homes as the elevated bed provides a space for your child to play below. Some play curtains also come with cloth windows, which will surely encourage fun play times for your child. Now, add a friend or two in and that’s where the fun really begins. Your child can use the space as an exclusive clubhouse and be the envy of their friends.


multifunctional cupboard height adjustable desk


Fun times aside, your child will also need a place to complete their table-top work. First, we have the Multifunctional Cupboard, which can be pushed and pulled in a variety of ways for different activities such as homework, gaming and arts and crafts. As the entire structure is connected by high quality joints and be shifted back into place at a moment’s notice, it makes it easy for your child to clean up as well!


Another option is the Height Adjustable Desk with Drawer. As its name suggests, the table can be shifted according to your child’s height, allowing you to find the best fit depending on your child’s current phase of development. The drawer, naturally, can be used to store stationery of all sorts.


Finally, a less considered but still important point to note is that all products above meet and exceed international safety requirements and are certified to be non-toxic. Stayed tuned to our blog for another piece for much older children!


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