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4 Tips on Cleaning Children’s Bedrooms & Why It’s Critical

Keeping Your Kids' Bedroom Tidy

4 Tips on Cleaning Children’s Bedrooms & Why It’s Critical
29 Nov, 2018

The concept of keeping children’s bedrooms clean is not a new one and the reasons for doing it seem pretty obvious. Cleanliness is next to godliness as they say but keeping your kid’s bedroom tidy does more than just make it look nicer. The reason being that a messy bedroom can contain something more sinister than simply toys and clothes.


Children’s bedrooms that are covered in toys can have all sorts of germs and nasties hiding in them. Whether your child has lego or Dora the Explorer strewn across their floor, these toys can cause diseases to spread. According to WebMD, cold and flu are easily transmitted by contact and kids are up to 3 times more likely to catch them.


The reason for this is that they tend to share toys with other kids, which greatly increases the chance of infection. Also, toddlers don’t yet have a fully developed immune system and their airways are narrow, so viruses get stuck inside more easily. This is the expert view of Neil Schachter, MD, Medical Director of respiratory care at Mount Sinai in New York City. A man who is also the author of The Good Doctor’s Guide to Colds and Flu.


So, the need to keep children’s bedrooms and kids’ furniture clean is clear. The question is, with everyone leading really busy lives, how do you make sure that their rooms stay tidy for good? In this article, we offer a few tips on doing just that.   Let’s dig in.


Tip One – Getting Your Kids Involved

4 Tips on Cleaning Children’s Bedrooms & Why It’s Critical


Turning cleaning children’s bedrooms into fun is a great place to start, especially if you make them their own colourful cleaning kit. Also getting their opinion on where their kids’ furniture should be situated in the room helps them feel involved. If you are rearranging their loft bed or children’s storage goes, get them to do a deep clean so that they feel invested in the result. When they see the clean area that’s the result of their hard work, they’re less likely to want to see it messed up. If you’re lucky, they might even want to take responsibility for keeping it clean!


Tip Two – Make Sure Everything in the Room Has a Home

4 Tips on Cleaning Children’s Bedrooms & Why It’s Critical

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Having a dedicated place for everything in children’s rooms is important so that your little ones know where things go. You don’t have to go crazy, labeling everything, but you should provide ample storage for all of their toys. If you’re at the stage where that hasn’t been decided yet, ask your child where things should go and stick to it. Perhaps an area for soft toys, another for books and another for their action figures. This process can be so helpful in getting buy-in from your kids.


Tip Three – A Daily Cleaning Routine

4 Tips on Cleaning Children’s Bedrooms & Why It’s Critical

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Giving your kids a routine for their cleaning habits is also hugely beneficial. Create a checklist, displaying it clearly and put items like these on it:

  • Put away your dirty laundry in the basket
  • Tidy shoes in the closet
  • Make your bed
  • Clear away anything from the floor that doesn’t belong
  • Put all toys back in their correct place
  • Tell Mum or Dad when you’re done and we’ll come and inspect

Making a list like this and putting it somewhere prominent on the wall means they have a quick and easy reference point. A laminated board and dry wipe marker work particularly well for this, as things can be literally ticked off when they’re done.


Tip Four – Deeper Cleaning – For The Adults

4 Tips on Cleaning Children’s Bedrooms & Why It’s Critical

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Children’s rooms need a good regular deep clean to make sure that they stay safe and hygienic for your kids. There are certain areas that need to be covered, for which we’ve provided the below list.


  1. Wipe down and dust the loft bed or other kid’s furniture with a cloth and a disinfecting cleaning spray
  2. Dust any upholstered furniture like rocking chair cushions or ottomans with a moistened cloth or dry cleaning sponge
  3. Sanitise your diaper pail and changing table with an all-purpose cleaner, as well as any baby products that are stored there
  4. Wash every bit of bedding on children’s beds, including blankets, comforters and pillowcases on a hot wash. You should throw in the pillows every few washes.
  5. Dust all ornamental items in children’s bedrooms, such as artwork, photos and tchotchkes with an extendable duster and a microfiber cloth
  6. Wipe down the glass with a glass cleaner, making sure to use long strokes to avoid streaks
  7. Vacuum or mop the floors, making sure to move the kids’ furniture when you do
  8. Ensure you check behind closet doors, as that’s where the dust bunnies live!
  9. Disinfect the wastebasket with an all-purpose cleaner inside, outside and on the lid
  10. Dust light fixtures with a extendable duster
  11. Wash the windows with a squeegee or newspaper, using a washing up liquid and water mixture
  12. Clean behind curtains and blinds either with a vacuum or extendable duster. You can also wipe down blind slats with a dry-cleaning sponge if required
  13. Wash their plastic toys with a disinfecting wipe, wooden toys with a cloth moistened with water and washing up liquid and wash stuffed animals in the machine before air drying them
  14. Vacuum your child’s mattress, as well as the box spring. Using a powerful setting on your vacuum is advised, as well as targeting buttoned or indented areas


This might seem like a lot of work, but it can usually all be done in an hour or two and only needs doing once a week.


Safety Comes First for Your Children

Children’s bedrooms are meant to be one of the safest places for your child to be. By employing the tips listed here, you can keep on top of all that needs doing and everything super safe and clean. You can also instill some great habits in your little one at the same time!


That’s it from us this time. Thank you for reading our blog and we hope you have found it useful. Check back soon and we’ll have more tips and advice from the wonderful world of kids’ furniture. 


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