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What’s so spectacular about the Silver Sparkle?

Dreamy Princess Kids Bed

lifetime kidsrooms silver sparkle hut bed - kids' bed singapore
21 Aug, 2017

What comes to mind when we say ‘Silver Sparkle’? Think pixie dust, Christmas lights and stars – all the whimsical elements in the world which inspires a twinkle of hope in your child’s eyes. That’s exactly how we’d love our kids to feel like while dwelling in their little space.


A theme of magic and miracles

Treat your little princes and princesses with their very own palace. As a paneled cabin with open windows and its very own sheltering roof, it’s uniquely designed to be a home within a home for your children. Let your girls create their ultimate haven – be it being able to hang out with her dolls and soft toys in a wonderland made real, or living out her fairytales with her friends during play dates in skits of make-believe.


Versatility: A multitude of design options

The beds in this series are decked out in gentle white and grey hues, which evoke a sense of calmness and subtle stability by their association with the natural world. Being true, neutral colours, they can be used in a scheme to be contrasted against brighter and bolder colours, or provide a link – which signifies that these hues work well on their own too. Lifetime Kidsrooms’ Silver Sparkle series freshens up any background, and harmonizes well with other primary colours too. This illustrates the vast adaptability of the Silver Sparkle series, giving you ease in designing your child’s room.


Detailed Workmanship: Starry, starry night.

Form your own constellations in the comfort of your own room – with a sky created out of deluxe sheer organza fabric, dotted with hand-embroidered details made out of silver patented leather. Who said kids furniture couldn’t be luxurious?


Side view of the SIlver sparkle bed, featuring the hand-embroidered details in silver leather up close, with the soft organza curtain also in view.

Intricate hand-embroidered details of the Silver Sparkle collection by Lifetime kidsrooms.


The Collection: Different beds, same comfort


Pure white silver sparkle bed 1, decorated by hand-embroidered details and a soft organza curtain, with a playpen below the bed filled with cushy pillows.

Silver Sparkle 1 by Lifetime Kidsrooms


Silver Sparkle 1: One bed, two uses.

Playpen in the day and sanctuary in the night, Silver Sparkle Loft Bed uniquely promotes sufficient rest and activity for children, both of which are vital for their growth. As a loft bed, it boasts plenty of height and room, maximizing space for your child. The elevated bed is designated as a heavenly oasis for your children to slumber in, whilst the space below the bed liberates your child to relax, play or read – at his every whim and fancy.


Pure white silver sparkle bed 2, with a trundle drawer, handy hanging hooks, and decorated with hand-embroidered details and a soft organza curtain.Silver Sparkle Hut Bed: The trundle drawer and hooks make it all the more convenient for the kids to keep their toys or hang out their clothes.


Silver sparkle 2: One bed, two mattresses, various storage options.


Extend your kids’ fun with possibilities of sleepovers with their friends! The Silver sparkle trundle bed could house a guest mattress, or even be a place to keep their small knick-knacks, or even clothes or bedding materials, capitalizing on its function as you please.


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