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The Dream Kids Bed For Your Child And You

Find the Ideal, Kids Bed

27 Feb, 2019

Making your kids sleeping sanctuary fun and comfortable!

Kids spend most of their time in their bedrooms — the place where they sleep, study, and play. Finding kids furniture that will suit each and every child’s different and changing needs and preferences may be tough, but fret not as this is not the case with us. Lifetime Kidsrooms modular kids bed system will grow alongside your children as every kids bed can be converted into a base bed. They not only offer a comfortable and restful sleeping experience but also help to spark creativity when it comes to playing!   The Dream Kids Bed

Endless possibilities of imaginative customisable beds

From bunk to loft beds, Lifetime Kidsrooms offer an amazing range of multifunctional kids’ beds that can be converted into any other of the kids beds in their range with the help of conversion parts to suit different ages and preferences, maximising space as well.  

4-In-1 Kids Bed

The Dream Kids Bed   Our 4-In-1 Kids Bed is so versatile that it can be converted to four different forms for four different age ranges to suit the needs and liking of parents and children alike. What’s more amazing is that it even comes at a single wallet-friendly price tag!

  The Dream Kids Bed


Ages 2-4: With the bed lowered to the ground, an easy-entry gateway and safety guards lining the sides, your toddler will definitely have a safe and sound sleep especially if he tends to roll about.  

Ages 5-7: Having a sleepover? Or just want to spend the night with your child? Simply add on a trundle bed! Alternatively, add on a bed drawer for more storage space.  

Ages 8-10: Enhance your little one’s growing up journey with this loft bed! Besides making things more fun and adventurous, the free space below also allows your child to use it in any way and let the imagination flow.  

Ages 3-11+: Before you know it, your child will soon become a teenager. You can then choose to convert the kids bed into a single basic bed, perfect for the years to come!   This is a bed system that will grow alongside your child, bringing him/her from toddler to teenage-hood.  

Hangout Kids Bed

The Dream Kids Bed


Another remarkable bed is the ‘Hangout’, our best-selling kids bed. This consists of a bed below the roof and a loft area lying below, creating more room for storage. Not only does it allow older children to climb up and have fun, but they can also decorate and use the space however they want.   The Dream Kids Bed


It is also possible to have the loft area above and the bed at the bottom where a trundle bed can then be added, making it perfect for your child’s sleepover adventures. If lofts don’t fancy you, there is also a bunk bed version! Besides offering fun and comfort, there is also a long list of other perks that come with Lifetime Kidsrooms kid’s beds!


  1. Durable: Made of Solid Pine harvested from the cold forests of Scandinavia, ensuring tighter wood knots which increases the durability of the product.
  2. TUV Certified: No harmful/toxic chemicals were used in production, making our kids’ furniture safe for your children and for the environment.
  3. 5 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects for our children beds. Textiles and mattresses are covered by a two-year warranty.
  4. Inspire Growth and Creativity: Options to add bed parts and accessories to kids beds are available in a variety of colours and themed designs. (Examples include slides, ladders, drawers, pullout beds and more.)


Drop by our store to see our products in person!

To fully understand the quality of craftsmanship from Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture, it has to be seen and felt. Located along Pasir Panjang Road Singapore, our Kids Furniture Showroom is open every Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday & Public Holidays 12pm to 6pm. So feel free to pop by at a time that’s right for you! If you’re unable to come down and have a look, more information about the products we offer is available on our website. Alternatively, to speak to one of our team about the best products for your needs, call now at +65 6270 8487. Cheers!


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