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Our MVP Kids Beds: The 4-in-1

4 Designs in Just One Kid's Bed Frame

Our MVP Kids Beds The 4-in-1 (1)
13 Feb, 2018

Make no mistake – the 4-in-1 Children bed is the most valuable player in our beautiful collection of kids beds. While it is not as popular as the Hangout Bunkbed for Kids, the 4-in-1 has many things going for it, such as four different forms for four different age ranges and a wallet-friendly price tag. Here, you will learn what makes this kids bed extra special. But first, let’s take a look at the Scandinavian kids furniture brand behind this gorgeous children bed – Lifetime Kidsrooms! Lifetime Kidsroom Logo Picking out gifts for your little angels is never easy, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Mums and Dads all over Singapore will know this problem very well, especially when it comes to bigger purchases like as kids furniture. The people behind Lifetime Kidsrooms, having long acknowledged this problem, created a bed system that takes your child from their toddler days to teenage years! How is this possible? Well, all kids beds (e.g. bunk beds, loft beds, trundle beds) from this wonderful range can be converted into a single bed that measures to a length of 207cm!  


But hang on, there’s more! Lifetime Kidsrooms kids beds come with a considerable list of perks. They are:  


  • Made from solid pine wood – These children beds are made from solid pine that is harvested from slow-growing forests in Scandinavia countries. This ensures tighter growth rings, which is the main reason for why these kids beds are so sturdy.
  • Come with a 5 Year Warranty – As proof of the high-quality construction of these kids beds, Lifetime Kidsrooms offers a five year warranty against manufacturing defects on their kids. Textiles and mattresses are covered by a two year warranty.
  • TUV Certified – This means our kids beds exceed legal safety standards, which allows your child to frolic in his or her bedroom without a care in the world. Our furniture is also free of toxic chemicals, keeping your child healthy as they sleep and grow


So, what exactly makes the 4-in-1 Children bed different from the rest of its cousins? To answer that, we will have to take you through the beginning years of a child’s life.  


Start With One… (2 – 4 years old)

Our MVP Kids Beds The 4-in-1 (1)


 Your child is just beginning to learn how to sleep by himself but conventional beds are still too high for him to climb into independently. To help these little tykes, this kids bed has been lowered to the ground and built with an easy-entry gateway. The safety guards that line the sides also helps to keep your child safe in the night, especially if he tends to roll about.  


Use it Twice… (5 – 7 years old)

Our MVP Kids Beds The 4-in-1 (1)

Your child is starting to make friends (Aww!), which means only one thing – sleepovers! Lower your child’s bed and add on a trundle bed for the occasional guest. Alternatively, it could serve as a bed for YOU if your child has one of his frightful nightmares. If both of those aren’t applicable, perhaps the bed drawer could act as a storage place. Surely your child’s growing list of stuff is reason enough for that?   (And of course, the canopy adds additional flair.)  


Try it Third… (8 – 10 years old)

  Our MVP Kids Beds The 4-in-1 (1)


Give your growing child a sky-high experience with a loft bed! Not only does it feel cool, it also opens up more space beneath the bed! Now your child can stash more things away or use that space for all sorts of play. Here’s our suggestion – start a clubhouse!  


Keep it Four a Lifetime… (3 – 11+)

  Our MVP Kids Beds The 4-in-1 (1)


Once your child outgrows any of the above designs, you can choose to convert the kids bed into a single long basic bed. Perfect for the young adolescent, it will serve your child well in the years to come! The 4-in-1 Children bed is available for viewing in our showroom in Singapore. Do visit us at our kids furniture showroom experience the quality Lifetime Kidsrooms offers!  


Stay tuned! In the weeks to come, we will explore many more of our cool but functional kids beds – keep checking back for updates!



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