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Modern Children’s Bedroom: Best Bunk Beds for Kids

Designer, Convertible Bunk Beds for Kids

Modern Children’s Bedroom Best Bunk Beds for Kids - Kuhl Home Singapore
13 Dec, 2019

Blanket forts, bedtime stories, pyjama parties, and admittedly arguing over who gets the top bunk are a few fond childhood moments we associate with bunk beds. Now, it’s our kids who get to experience the magical wonders of bunk beds with their friends and siblings!   Not only are double deck beds fun, they’re a practical choice for Singapore homes due to space constraints. With a bunk bed, 2 or even 3 kids can share one bed frame comfortably. If the bed is lined against one bedroom wall, it frees up additional space for your kids’ storage and study furniture. An example of a bunk bed that can accommodate three kids is the sturdy Family Bunk Bed by Lifetime, pictured below.   


Lifetime Kidsroom Family Bunk Bed With Storage Ladder in whitewash bed frame

Family Bunk Bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms


To amplify the fun factor for double deck beds, you could choose to add an exciting hut on the top bunk. A hut on a kids bunk bed is truly a great example of form meets function. Not only will it add the extra ‘oomph’ to your kids bed, it also provides additional safety for the child who sleeps on the top bunk bed. A hut actually provides even more safety and protection than safety guard rails as it encases the entire top bunk, so your kids can easily huddle and hold secret meetings there too!   


With numerous bunk beds for kids available, how do you know which is the right one for your kids? We’re here to help! Here are 5 main considerations for choosing the right double deck bed.   


1. Bed Frame Measurements

As most bedrooms in Singapore have limited space, it’s essential to measure not only the length and width, but also the height of the bed frame to ensure there’s ample space between the highest point of the bed frame and the ceiling. If the bed frame you’re keen on is particularly high, do ensure that your child has enough headroom when they’re sitting up to avoid those nasty head bumps.   


2. Sturdy, Durable Materials 

A double deck bed would hold the weight of at least two persons, hence it’s important that the bed frame can support this. Great materials for a bunk bed would include solid wood or metal as both are long-lasting, although we’d recommend solid wood as they stand the test of time better. The kids furniture and bed frames by Lifetime are handcrafted using solid pine wood that are 70-90 years old from the forests of Scandinavia, ensuring high quality and durability which can last your kids all through their childhood and teen-hood.     


3. Fun Features 

Lifetime Kidsrooms - Play Tower Kids Loft Bed in white

Play Tower Kids Loft Bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms


With a variety of exciting add-ons available for bunk beds, it’ll be a fun activity choosing these with your kids when you’re shopping for beds with them. In kids furniture showrooms, it’ll be hard for kids to resist playing on bunk beds or loft beds with slides, climb up beds that come fitted with a rope ladder instead of the regular stair ladder, or huddling under canopies while holding secret meetings. With your kids imagination running wild, nothing is impossible!     


4. Ease of Accessibility: Age & Height Considerations 

It’s absolutely vital that your kids meet the minimum age and height requirements of bunk beds. It’s generally advisable that kids have to be at least six years of age to sleep on the top bunk, but this depends on the height of the bed frame too.  For beds that are higher, they might need to be older/taller to be able to climb onto the top bunk with ease. Bed heights vary with each different brand, so it’s best to check in-store which bunk beds are suitable for your kids to reduce the chances of any accidental falls.   


5. Design & Theme 

Your child would most likely have their own firm preferences on the bed design they want in their bedroom. Let them choose! As there is a wide variety of bunk beds available for kids, it’ll be easy to find one that melds well with their bedroom theme.  With bed add-ons such as dreamy canopies, colourful play curtains, exciting huts or even customisable bed fronts to add to your kids bed, you’ll be able to find one suitable for your child’s bedroom theme.   


For your adventurous little boys, here’s an example of a fun bed for them.  


Lifetime Kidsrooms Dino 4 in 1 Kids Single Bed 1

Dino 4 in 1 Kids Single Bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms


For your little princesses, fitting their beds with dreamy canopies might give them sweeter dreams each night.     


Princess Kids Single Bed with Canopy in white

Princess Kids Single Bed with Canopy by Lifetime Kidsrooms



6. Modular & Convertible Bed Frames 

Parents, and homeowners in general who live in Singapore, appreciate modular furniture as these can be tailored to fit your needs. The kids bunk beds from Lifetime are modular, convertible, and can be customised to the needs of your children. Below are a few inspiring examples.   


1. Storage spaces can be fitted under the lower bunk with a cupboard or even a pull-out bed drawer.   


Corner Kids Bunk Bed

Corner Kids Bunk Bed with Pullout Bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms


2. Or if it’s a loft bed, the space under or even next to the bed could be fitted with a couch or hammock (now even us parents want one!)  

Low Loft Kids Bed

Kids High Rise Loft Bed with Couch by Lifetime Kidsrooms


3. Or a study space with a wide desk and shelves under the bed  

Lifetime kidrooms high rise kids kids loft bed in whitewash 2

Kids High Rise Loft Bed with Study Desk by Lifetime Kidsrooms


An Investment That Lasts Years

Convertible kids bunk beds definitely come in handy as your child grows! When you purchase a sturdy bed frame, it endures numerous conversions throughout their childhood and teen-hood. Bunk beds are definitely a worthwhile (and exciting!) investment for your kids! 


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