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Maximise Your Space: Multi-Functional Kids Beds with Storage

Modern, Scandinavian Kids Storage Bed

Lifetime Kidsrooms - Family bunk bed - kids storage bed
23 Jul, 2020

Ask any homeowner, especially parents with kids, what they need in their home and the majority will say: They need more space! Growing kids go through clothes fast, have changing preferences for books and toys, and this means they need more storage for all these. The solution: Multi-functional kids beds with ample storage space. 


Beds with storage options go a long way in increasing the space in your child’s bedroom. Get creative with Kuhl Home’s range of convertible and modular kids beds that allow for numerous ways to incorporate storage within the bed frame, such as:


  • Fitting in shelves or a large drawer under a kid’s single beds or kid’s bunk bed
  • Adding a side ladder with fitted multiple storage boxes
  • Adding a multifunctional storage cabinet with turning desk for kids loft beds


The options above will help your kids feel like they have more space than ever before! It’ll also be that much easier for them to keep their room tidy. Read on to discover four wonderful benefits of kids beds with storage, and the types of storage options that can be added to your kid’s beds. 


1. Eliminates The Need For Additional Kids Furniture


A great way to save on space is by having a kids bed that has multiple storage options. An excellent example is the Family Bunk Bed that can be fitted with a step ladder that comes with storage boxes as steps, and a pullout bed drawer under the bed for additional storage space. There are also options to add a clothes hook to the bed frame, or a hanging box that’s really handy for storing your kids’ little knick knacks. With these numerous storage solution options, your kid’s bedroom will never feel cluttered again. 


Lifetime Kidsrooms - Famil Bunk Bed with storage ladder


Recommended kids bed: The Family Bunk Bed with Step Ladder with Storage, and Pullout Bed Drawer 


2. Maximise Space, Expand Creativity 

Every square inch of space is important for bedrooms in Singapore; this is where multi-functional beds come in absolutely useful! The Study Kids Loft Bed is one such ingenious design – it combines three functions into one: a kids bed, storage cupboard, and a turning desk. The cupboard and desk fits perfectly in the loft space below the bed. All this additional space in your kid’s bedroom will encourage your children to explore their creative side – such as painting, drawing, or experimenting on DIY science kits. They might just turn out to be the next Albert Einstein or Elon Musk! 


Lifetime Kidsrooms - Study Storage Loft Bed


Recommended kids bed: The aptly named Study Kids Loft Bed for the studious ones. 


3. Convertible Kids Beds With Storage – Kids Furniture That Lasts 

Kids certainly grow so fast and have different needs during different phases in their childhood. With convertible kids beds, such as the Essential Kids Bed with Pullout Bed Drawer, the solid pine bed frames can be converted to a kids single bed, kids loft bed or kids bunk bed; and storage options can be added to each of these bed types. 



Lifetime Kidsrooms - Cabin Kids Bed with Storage


Recommended kids bed: Essential Kids Bed with Pullout Bed Drawer 


4. Declutter Your Kid’s Bedroom 

One of the biggest benefits storage beds offer is the ability to quickly declutter a room. The Cabin Kids Single Bed with Cupboard and Shelves provides ample storage space under your kid’s bed. If they host spontaneous sleepovers with their friends, it’ll be easy to quickly tidy the room and throw everything in the storage space and voila, your child’s bedroom is instantly decluttered. 


Lifetime Kidsrooms - Cabin bed with storage 2


Recommended kids bed: Cabin Kids Single Bed with Cupboard and Shelves   


Space-Saving & Convertible Kids Beds

Expand the available space in your kid’s bedroom and spark their creativity at the same time. Visit our kids furniture showroom to further explore the possibilities of our creative kids furniture and convertible kids beds


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