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Kids’ Furniture Close-Up: Luxe Loft Beds!

Loft Beds - Maximising Your Kids' Bedroom

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8 Jun, 2018

It’s the June holidays! Like any Singaporean parent would know, this month is a time for fun, fun and more fun! However, with how erratic (and hot) the weather has been, going outside might not be as exciting as you first thought. Now, here’s an idea. Why not take the fun inside? Make a playground out of your child’s room and they’d never want to drag you out into the sun again. With our stunning, modular and functional kids’ furniture, there are many ways you, a Singaporean parent, can do this. But, our first recommendation would be this – bring home a loft bed!



Why a Loft Bed (from Kuhl Home)?

Space for Fun & More!

  Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Luxe Loft Beds!


A loft bed saves space. Or, to be more accurate, it carves out a space for storage, play or maybe even sleep. The loft area can be placed either above the bed, like the Hangout (above), or beneath the bed, like the Road Trip (below). Taking these kids’ beds above the ground adds an element of excitement and offers a brand-new vantage point within the room itself.   But that’s not all! Not one bit.

Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Luxe Loft Beds!


Lifetime Kidsrooms offers a selection of play curtains that can be attached to the base of the loft bed. These play curtains come with adorable windows and pockets, making them fun and practical. There are hundreds of ways a child can make use of these play curtains. Tell us, how would YOUR child use it?  


Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Luxe Loft Beds!  

Time to go Wheeee!

  Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Luxe Loft Beds!


Kuhl Home’s loft beds can be accessorized in a great many ways. Honestly? You’ve never seen kids’ furniture like this. One popular example is to attach a slide to the ladder. The kids’ bed above is known as the Fairy Dust and it is perfect for dreamy little girls. The kids’ bed below is known as the Forest Ranger, which, you’ve guessed it, are ideal for adventurous boys. By adding a slide to these loft beds, your child will never not want to get out of bed again!  


Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Luxe Loft Beds!  

Take It Even Higher!

Another alternative available in our immense range of kids’ furniture is the 4-poster loft beds. Examples include the Fairy Dust (above) and Freebird (below). This is especially ideal for the maturing tween-ager as they would love to have more privacy. A canopy offers just this!   Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Luxe Loft Beds!  

…Or Bring It Down!

When your child matures and seeks a more mature design, our ingenious kids’ bed system allows you to convert the loft bed into a single bed. This means your Lifetime Kidsrooms bed can last you….a lifetime! (Get it?!)   Lifetime Kidsroom Basic Bed  

In a nutshell…

Our beautiful range of kids’ furniture offer a wealth of possibilities. There is no better time to drop by our showroom in Singapore than in June, where our GSS promotions are in full-swing. Whatcha waiting for? Come down today!


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