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Insta-worthy Kids’ Furniture: Safe, Functional & Gorgeous!

Find the Ideal, Instagram-Worthy Kids Bed

Insta-Worthy Kids Furniture
11 Apr, 2018

Aww-worthy kids’ furniture is a dime in a dozen, but we are positive you have never seen something quite like this in Singapore. Take a gander at the Beach House, Beach House with Bench and Blue Camo – all brand new additions to Lifetime Kidsrooms fantastical line of kids’ furniture! But first, let’s revisit Lifetime Kidsrooms, our exclusive Scandinavian children furniture brand that Kuhl Home brought into Singapore just over a year ago.   Lifetime Kidsroom Logo Lifetime Kidsrooms has been making kids’ furniture in Denmark since 1972. This simple fact is a testament to the wealth of their knowledge in this area and proof of the high quality make of their children furniture. By choosing Lifetime Kidsrooms, you, as a Singaporean parent, can be assured that your child will be kept safe as he/she sleeps and grows. If you are not yet convinced, here is a long list of perks that comes with the kids’ beds of Lifetime Kidsrooms:  


  1. Convertible Bed Systems: All kids’ beds in our range can take your child from their toddler years to teenage hood! This is done by using bed size reducers and a modular bed system. The latter enables the transformation from hut beds like the Beach House to a base bed that measures at 207cm, as depicted below.
  2. Safe, Solid Materials: Our kids’ furniture is made from solid pine wood that is harvested from the bitterly cold forests of Scandinavia. This ensures tighter wood knots, which imply increased stability. The Lifetime Kidsrooms collection is also TUV certified, meaning they exceed international legal safety standards. No toxic chemicals are used in the crafting process as well and this is proven by the lack of a certain ‘smell’ characteristic of cheaper kids’ furniture.
  3. 5 Year Warranty: We retail kids’ furniture that lasts a lifetime. Accordingly, we offer a five year warranty against manufacturing defects for our children beds. Textiles and mattresses are covered by a two year warranty.

  Lifetime Kidsroom Basic Bed

Basic Bed

    Insta-worthy Kids Furniture Safe, Functional & Gorgeous! (1)


As your child grows, he* or she is likely to seek more and more privacy. The (delightfully pink) Beach House allows just that. By adding a roof over their heads, it creates a sense of exclusivity rarely found in most children bedrooms in Singapore. Our hut beds, such as the Silver Sparkle and Treehouse, are well known favourites among our patrons. Thus, it stands to reason that this brand new kids’ bed will be immensely appealing to Singaporean parents and children alike as well.  

*Boy-themed linens are available as well. 



Insta-worthy Kids Furniture Safe, Functional & Gorgeous! (1)


Now this, this is my personal favourite from Lifetime Kidsrooms new range of kids’ furniture – the Beach House with Bench! It has all the perks of the Beach House and more! As a geek, the inclusion of a bench to this kids bed, to me, is genius with a capital G. With this bench, your children can read, play, huddle together with their friends or do whatever their little hearts’ desire. The adorable yellow and black accessories also pair well with the solid pine bed that was painted white.  


Insta-worthy Kids Furniture Safe, Functional & Gorgeous! (1)


If you are not a fan of wooden roofs, then how about a kids’ bed with a fabric roof? Previously, Lifetime Kidsrooms only retailed full fabric roofs. With the introduction of the Blue Camo, that is no longer the case. A half fabric-roof allows for increased ventilation while retaining retaining some eye-catching design elements. Perfect for little adventurers, the Blue Camo is sure to excite young boys all over Singapore.  


Now, this is just part ONE of Lifetime Kidsrooms’ new range. Stay tuned for extra adorableness in the near future! If you are interested in any of these beds, do drop us a message on Facebook here or email us at info@kuhlhome.com. 


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