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Dreamy & Whimsical Scandinavian Kids Beds For Girls

A Cosy and Safe Space With Our Kids Beds

Dreamy & Whimsical Scandinavian Kids Beds For Girls - Creative kids furniture at Kuhl Home Singapore
15 May, 2020

Lifetime Kidsrooms is a reputable and internationally-known Danish brand that produces high-quality kids furniture, and are experts in this niche for over 40 years now. At Kuhl Home, we are proud to be an exclusive supplier of this trusted and safe brand, and bringing in creative and sustainable kids furniture catering to parents in Singapore. On top of that, Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture is both durable and flexible, growing with your child from toddler to teen. 


In this blog, we look at the dreamy and whimsical girls beds by Lifetime Kidsrooms for your little princess to have a good night’s rest. Not just a bed to sleep in, but also a safe space for your daughter to have friends come over to hang out and have sleepovers!


The Dreams Kids Single Bed

One of Lifetime’s dreamiest beds, the Dreams Kids Single Bed comes in a white or grey frame accompanied by a magical canopy that drapes over gracefully, sending your princess to dreamland. Paired with a Drawer Unit, she can place her little trinkets or scented candle by her bedside. Definitely the perfect teen bedroom, adorable yet sophisticated for your growing teen.


The Beach House Kids Single Bed

Dreamy & Whimsical Scandinavian Kids Beds For Girls


With resemblance to beach houses, the Beach House Kids Single Bed was introduced in 2018 and has become one of the most popular designs for girls bedrooms. An amazingly fun yet functional bed that makes you feel close to the sea. This stunning girls bed is also available in other configurations, with a bench that can be easily turned into a sofa with a cushion or additional storage space


The Princess Kids Single Bed 

Dreamy & Whimsical Scandinavian Kids Beds For Girls


Does your little one love dressing up like a princess? The adorable Princess Kids Single Bed would be perfect for her! With the canopy draped over the roof, she would have her own little castle to sleep in every night. This cute bedroom theme can be completed with its matching accessories like bed linen, cushions and rugs.



The Funland Kids Loft Bed

Dreamy & Whimsical Scandinavian Kids Beds For Girls


Having space constraints but want a fun and whimsical bed for your little girl’s room? The stylish Funland Kids Loft Bed is perfect! Style up her room with the Funland curtain providing a private lounge area where she can play with her dolls. This gorgeous bed also comes in a Funland 4 in 1 Kids Single Bed version where you get 4 bed configurations for the price of one. 


The White and Pink 4-in-1 Kids Single Bed 

Dreamy & Whimsical Scandinavian Kids Beds For Girls


The enchanting White and Pink 4-in-1 Kids Single Bed is a great investment for your daughter’s room. With each configuration carefully designed to cater to each phase of her life, this is a bed frame that will grow with her throughout her childhood. Styling this adorable bed with a graceful organza canopy creates a mini kingdom just for your little girl. 


The Dottie Kids Single Bed

Dreamy & Whimsical Scandinavian Kids Beds For Girls


As your daughter steps into her teenage years, she may no longer want a princessy and girly room but instead an elegant and modern look for her teen bedroom. The modern Dottie Kids Single Bed is a great match for her! A safe haven for her to unleash her creativity and gather her thoughts at the end of the day, certainly more than just a place for sleep.


The Best Creative Kids Furniture 

Here are some reasons why Lifetime Kidsrooms beds are such a great investment! 


  • Handmade in Denmark

All Lifetime furniture are handcrafted in Denmark in an ethical working environment with the best materials, ensuring a stronger advantage in every step of furniture production. Without a doubt the best for you and your kids!


  • 5 Years Warranty 

Made by experienced craftsmen with advanced equipment, Lifetime Kidsrooms provides a 5-year warranty on their beds. After each bed has left the workshop, exceptional quality remains as Lifetime’s focus in the long run.


  • TUV Certified Kids Furniture 

Lifetime’s beds exceed the legal safety standards by the TUV, definitely safe for your kids to play and sleep in. 


  •  Durable & High-Quality Materials 

Following and respecting the high EU REACH standards, Lifetime avoids potentially harmful chemicals keeping your child and the environment safe. Crafted with specially selected solid pine wood from Sweden, its strong and durable wood is well suited to manufacture our high-quality kids furniture. 


  • Value for Money 

Carefully designed to suit each phase of your kid’s life, Lifetime’s bed frames are easily convertible while remaining sturdy and durable for years to come. 


Shop Safely From Home 

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we want you and your family to be safe. Shop comfortably from home, our Lifetime Kids beds that are in stock can be purchased on our website. View in stock items here


For more information, drop us a Whatsapp at +65 9713 1581 and our friendly staff will provide you with more details.


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