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Our Best-Selling Kids Beds: The Hangout

Our Bestselling, Magical Kids Bed

Our Best-Selling Kids Beds The Hangout
10 Feb, 2018

Behold the Hangout! It is arguably the most popular bed we have in our wide range of kids beds. Here, you can learn more about the various models of this whimsical kids bed, as well as any add-ons that you might want to add to it. But first, let’s talk about the furniture designer team responsible for this wondrous children bed – the craftsmen at Lifetime Kidsrooms!   Lifetime Kidsroom Logo

Shopping for children is never easy. While it is understandable that parents only want the best for their precious ones, these mothers and fathers are often confronted with the problem of their children growing out of their belongings far too quickly. This problem is amplified for pricier purchases, such as kids beds. Thankfully, the geniuses behind Lifetime Kidsrooms have long acknowledged this problem. In response, they went above and beyond by creating a kids bed system that lasts a lifetime. All of their children beds (e.g. bunk beds, loft beds, hut beds) can be converted into a single bed that is 207cm long. This means these ‘kids beds’ could very well last your child into his or her teenage years!  


But wait – there’s more! Lifetime Kidsrooms’ children beds are made out of solid pine wood, ensuring enduring quality. This allows us to offer interested parents a 5-year warranty on these kids beds. Finally, all the children beds under this brand are TUV certified, meaning that they exceed legal safety standards. Sounds like dream come true, no?  


Hangout Loft Area Below for Kids

  Our Best-Selling Kids Beds The Hangout (1)


Tired of taking your children out for playdates with their friends? Does he or she enjoy making pillows into makeshift clubhouses? Then this version of the Hangout will be perfect! Hidden right beneath the roof is a loft bed, which gives a growing child added privacy. Below that, you will have an empty area where your child can make use of however their heart desires. The options are endless – a clubhouse, a toy storage area, a reading nook and more!  


Hangout Loft Area Above for Kids

  Our Best-Selling Kids Beds The Hangout (1)


The second option for this kids bed model is to place the loft bed at the bottom. While the Hangout will no longer have walls at the front, parents will now have the option of adding a trundle bed at the bottom, which is perfect for a second child or when your child intends on hosting a sleepover.  


Hangout Bunk Bed for Kids

  Our Best-Selling Kids Beds The Hangout (1)


Not a fun of trundle beds? Then you can opt for the bunk bed edition instead. It possesses all the perks of the loft bed versions and more. For example, while the above loft versions can be converted into one single bed, the Hangout Bunk Bed can be converted into not one, but two single beds!   Hangout Loft Area Above for kids is currently available for viewing in our showroom in Singapore.  


Stay tuned! In the weeks to come, we will explore many more of our cool but functional kids beds – keep checking back for updates!


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