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3 Easy Bedroom Design Tips With Modular Kids Furniture

Kids Bedroom Design Made Easier with Modular Furniture

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26 Jun, 2019

Creating a fun and safe space for your child can be quite a challenge. Every detail and element in the bedroom is crucial for your child’s physical and mental health. With Lifetime Kidsrooms’ bedroom configurator, you no longer need to worry about designing the perfect space for your child!  


The bedroom configurator is essentially a free online design application for kids bedrooms. This simple and smart function allows you to plan how the space will work by customising the dimensions of your room and inserting real products into your model. It also allows you to see the different colour combinations of flooring, walls and your kids beds in 3D or 2D, making it much easier for you to visualise the final design of your kids’ bedroom.  


girls bedroom double  


Do try out this easy-to-use bedroom design application, and do ensure you have Adobe FlashPlayer enabled: http://lifetime.unicaster.net/. Below are some useful tips to keep in mind when designing your kid’s bedroom.  


Maximising Space Effectively

Making sure your child’s bedroom is spacious yet fun is not an easy task. To achieve both, you would need to choose kids furniture that will fit nicely into the space that you have. With the bedroom configurator, you can decide which Lifetime kids furniture would fit best into the space and it also allows you to decide where you would like the furniture to be placed.  


Choosing the right furniture for the room is important in making the room seem big rather than small and clustered. Rather than choosing a bed that is too big and out of place, choose a smaller and more functional bed that fits perfectly in the corner or along the walls of the bedroom to make the room seem more spacious.  


boy bedroom


  Make it Cosy and Colourful

Your child’s bedroom is what makes them feel safe and at home. To do so, you can design the room to be cosy and colourful. By using the configurator, you can easily find empty spaces in the room and decorate it with something fun or useful such as additional storage units or adding a slide to the modular Lifetime Kidsrooms kids bed.  


bedroom with slide


As aforementioned, the configurator also allows you to play around with the colours and the design of the room. We recommend a standard colour theme for your child’s room to make it look cleaner yet engaging at the same time. Bright colours would be best for kids as it is proven to boost creativity and happiness.  



 Involve Your Child in the Process

Allow your kids to play around with the configurator and get them involved in the designing process of their room. Your kids bedroom is the area in which they will be spending most of their time, so it’s imperative for them to feel like the space is theirs. It would create a sense of belonging for your kids.


This space is also crucial for your child’s future growth so letting them be part of its design process would definitely benefit them by letting them know that they have the freedom to explore and be creative with and in their bedroom.  


Making Your Child’s Dreams Come True

Once you have created a gorgeous bedroom design with the configurator, do come down to our showroom to have a look at some of the kids furniture that we have in store. Every child dreams of a fun bedroom where they can play and learn in, make this dream happen for your kids and try out the Lifetime Kidsrooms design configurator!  


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