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How to Create a Dreamy Boy’s Bedroom When Space is Tight

Designing Kids Bedrooms For Boys

How to Create a Dreamy Boy’s Bedroom When Space is Tight
5 Sep, 2018

In Singapore, homes are shrinking, which means that kids’ bedrooms are getting smaller too. Thankfully, there are manufacturers like Lifetime Kidsrooms who create wonderfully flexible bedroom furniture. It’s so flexible and modular that it can be used to create dreamy bedrooms, even when there’s not much space.  


Lifetime Kidsrooms is a long established premier brand of Danish furniture. Founded back in 1972, the company focuses on designs that inspire play and offer comfort. Our configurator provides a three dimensional view of how kids’ bedroom s everywhere can be improved with their products.  


How to Create a Dreamy Boy’s Bedroom When Space is Tight


  Read on to find out how our amazing kids’ furniture can be used to create a dreamy boy’s bedroom, whatever the available space. The ideas shown will fit standard HDB apartment (resale) or a condominium.  


How to Create a Dreamy Boy’s Bedroom When Space is Tight  

The Height Adjustable Desk

Kids’ bedrooms everywhere benefit from useful furniture like the Height Adjustable Desk. Boys wanting to do their homework or somewhere to paint, draw and read have the perfect place to do it! This high quality desk is adjustable between 56 and 78 cm, meaning it grows as your son does.  


The Modular Bookcase & Wardrobe

Boys are usually a bit messy, so what better way to store all their things tidily than this lovely Modular Bookcase? Adjustable to feature as many shelves as is needed, it helps teach the right habits from an early age. It’s also customisable with draws and doors of different colours to make your son’s bedroom look amazing!   As for clothes, we recommend our Modular Wardrobe as you can tailor the size to fit the exact (and probably growing) needs of your little one!  


How to Create a Dreamy Boy’s Bedroom When Space is Tight  

The Space Dream Bed & Blue Camo Bed Combo

If your boy loves outdoor adventures and space exploration, he’s going to love these two beds. The Blue Camo Bed offers a fun camping experience, with a cozy canopy and window. Whereas the Space Dream Bed conjures images of spacewalks and moon dust. Both provide all the creative play inspiration young boys crave and without needing lots of room.  

The Hanging Box and Small Beddrawer

To fully utilise all the available space in kids’ bedrooms, the Hanging Box is the perfect solution. As is the Small Beddrawer, which also uses space that would otherwise not get used. This extra room will give your little one somewhere to put all of his toys, books and maybe even his secret diary!   Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture are perfect for making kids’ bedrooms dreamy even when space is at a premium. Even though you might not think there’s enough room in your boy’s room, this furniture makes it possible!  

View our Kids Furniture in Person!

To fully grasp the quality workmanship in Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture, you really need to see it for yourself. Their furniture is manufactured from slow growing pine from cold Scandinavian forests, making it extremely robust. Not just that, but the flexible way they are manufactured means that they grow with your child. Each and every bed can be converted into a base bed, suitable for bigger children.  


If getting to us is difficult for you, you can find our more about what’s described in this blog, by browsing through our website. Alternatively, to speak to one of our team about the best products for your needs call now on +65 6270 8487. Thanks for reading our blog. Until next time!


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