Kickass Kids’ Beds, Helping Boys to Creatively Play Since 1972

Kickass Kids' Beds, Helping Boys to Creatively Play Since 1972

(Featured Picture is of the Treehouse Loft Bed)


If you are looking for the perfect kids’ bed for your child, that not only offers a comfortable and restful sleeping experience, but also helps to spark the imagination when it comes to play, then you should look at our amazing range of Lifetime Kidsrooms kids’ beds.


Here we look at just some of the designs we have in store that have been created for the little man in your life and how these innovatively crafted creations help to stimulate the important play aspects of his young mind.


The Blue Camo Bed


Kickass Kids' Beds, Helping Boys to Creatively Play Since 1972


If your son just loves playing army, then he’ll love the Blue Camo Bed, which features a design that will make him feel just like he’s on manoeuvres, with his only little HQ tent. With a rich, deep blue tent fabric, this expertly crafted bed not only provides play inspiration to the mind of a young, budding military commander, but also delivers a well ventilated, extremely comfortable sleeping environment.


The Adventure Bed


Kickass Kids' Beds, Helping Boys to Creatively Play Since 1972


There are few kids’ beds in Singapore that offer the kind of environment needed for an imagination adventure like the Adventure Bed, which is also able to create an authentic ‘clubhouse’ feel. With one of these in his room, your young lad has the perfect space to either store his favourite toys or have secret club meetings with his pals.


The Forest Ranger Bed


Kickass Kids' Beds, Helping Boys to Creatively Play Since 1972


For a great pretend camping experience, the Forest Ranger Children’s Bed offers a wonderful backdrop in which to immerse in play of the most creative kind. Featuring an ‘easy entry’ design, this kids’ bed is suitable for adventurers as young as 2 years of age and we know from experience that it’s one that young visitors to our store just love to have a play on!


The Bed with Slide


Kickass Kids' Beds, Helping Boys to Creatively Play Since 1972


As parents, we’ve all been there “Just one more go on the slide before we go…Please!”. So, what if you could bring the playground home with you? Well, that’s exactly what you can do with this kids’ bed that comes complete with its own ladder and slide, to keep your kids playing and boredom free, long after you get home. Check out the Bed with Slide now!


The Road Trip Loft Bed


Kickass Kids' Beds, Helping Boys to Creatively Play Since 1972


If your boy has motor oil in his veins and has a real love for cars and anything that goes FAST, then the Road Trip Loft Bed is just the thing to keep him happy and playing for hours. Don’t worry if there’s more than one child on this road trip, as there’s plenty of room downstairs for extra passengers, to store his favourite toys or to just ‘hang out’. It’s this flexibility for both play and rest that make this model a popular choice amongst our customers.


An Investment For Your Kids’ Lifetime

As well as being cleverly and expertly designed for Singapore’s children, Lifetime Kidsrooms’ products are popular for a number of reasons.


Lifetime Kidsroom Basic Bed - Kids' Bed Singapore


  • All our kids’ beds are convertible into a base bed, meaning it can grow as your child does
  • Their high quality, handcrafted Danish designs are extremely durable, as they are made out slow growing, Scandinavian solid pine, meaning far tighter wood knots and stronger wood
  • All wood finishes and varnishes used are water based and contain no hidden toxins
  • They each come with a 5 Year Warranty


Exclusive to Kuhl Home in Singapore


Whilst Lifetime Kidsrooms are still quite new to this country, they are an established company that has been innovating in Denmark since 1972 and we’re pleased to say that in Singapore, their products are available exclusively with us at Kuhl Home.


If you’d like to come and see what we mean in person, you can visit us at our easy to find warehouse showroom on Pasir Panjang Road. Alternatively, if you can’t get in to see us, you can always look through the rest of our website and give our friendly experts a call on +65 68780180 if you have any questions or to get advice on any of the high quality Scandinavian furniture produces we offer.


We look forward to helping you in any way we can.



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