Darling Canopy Beds – Growing With your Kids Into their Teens

Darling Canopy Beds - Growing With your Kids Into their Teens

At Kuhl Home, we know a thing or two about quality kids’ furniture. This is why we work with leading manufacturers like Lifetime Kidsrooms. Today we look at their wonderful range of canopy beds that offer grace, style and the functionality. They have everything you need to cater for your little ones well into their teenage years.


One of the main benefits of Lifetime Kidsrooms Kids’ Furniture is their adaptability. Their high quality, handcrafted solid pine design means that no matter how many times they’re converted, they stay stable and safe.


The ‘City Chic’ Bed

Darling Canopy Beds - Growing With your Kids Into their Teens


If your little one is beginning to outgrow their single bed, then perhaps it might be time to look at the City Chic canopy bed. It’s classic 4 poster bed design is a step towards adulthood and will give your tween room to grow with its extra wide design.


The ‘Botanical Midnight’ Bed

Darling Canopy Beds - Growing With your Kids Into their Teens


For the nature loving child, there can be no better bedtime experience than sleeping in the Botanical Midnight canopy bed. It also offers a quiet, relaxing place for your young adult to gets some privacy or some important study time. Featuring four canopy panels, your child can enjoy their own self contained space with this with wonderful bed.


The ‘1001 Nights’ Bed


This 1001 Nights canopy bed really lives up to its name, as it offers 1001 ways for kids to have fun. Whether it’s fairytale play, sleepovers or hanging out with friends, this bed has a simply stunning 4 poster design. With a canopy that covers all four sides of the bed, it’s perfect for that little bit of privacy that growing kids need.


The ‘Dotti’ Bed

Darling Canopy Beds - Growing With your Kids Into their Teens


Amazingly stylish and very much more than just a place to sleep, the Dotti Bed is something children everywhere will just love calling their own. This adorable creation has fun and style and comes with beautiful accompanying accessories. Featuring 4 canopies, it can instantly be turned into their own private kingdom.


The ‘Fairy Dust 4-in-1’ Bed

Darling Canopy Beds - Growing With your Kids Into their Teens


This beautiful canopy bed is a must for those who love fairy tales and stories about pixies and wood elves. However, it’s not all about playtime, as its easy access design makes it suitable for even little tots as young as two! (See how this truly bed works here.) As your child drifts to sleep in the Fairy Dust, they’ll see the beautiful and easily removed canopy for a truly magical bedtime experience. Neverland has never been so close!


Quality Workmanship

We’re proud to say that Lifetime Kidsroom kids’ furniture is only available in Singapore at Kuhl Home. There’re several reasons why investing in one is an investment for now and for the future.


  • Every model in the Lifetime Kidsrooms range is convertible into a base bed, meaning it can be modified to fit your child as they grow.
  • No harmful or toxic finishes are used in production, so they’re super safe!
  • Lifetime Kidsrooms, whilst relatively new to Singapore, has been operating in Denmark since 1972. They have over 400 stores worldwide!
  • The high grade pine used is sourced from cold Scandinavian forest stocks, where the trees grow slower and have much tighter knots.
  • Each bed comes with a 5 year Warranty as standard.


Come and See For Yourself

Whilst we can wax lyrical about how great we think Lifetime Kidsroom Kids’ furniture is, there’s only on way to really get how stylish, well made and durable they are. If you’re able to get down to see us at our warehouse showroom on Pasir Panjang Road, you can do just that!


In addition to all the designs mentioned here, we have a hundreds more for you to see. Click here to explore our full range – prices included for your convenience!


If you’d like to speak to someone about anything discussed here, our knowledgeable team is contactable on +65 63764392 for advice on finding your perfect furniture option. We look forward to hearing from you!


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