Sweet dreams for your little ones

lifetime kidsrooms bunk bed

Selecting a bed for your children should be a breeze. Regardless of their age, what appeals to them, or how active they are, we urge you to find a versatile bed which supports your child’s growth.


Beds with adventure and rest, all-in-one


Keep your kids busy with the Hangout bed – In the day, they can invite their friends over and turn the lower bed into a playpen. At night, they can transit to the overhead rooftop, as their personal bedchamber, to snooze in privacy.


My Hangout Bed with playpen and overhead rooftop bed

My Hangout bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms


Are your kids eager to rule as kings and queens of the jungle? The treehouse bed can be their impregnable fortress! They are invited to take their quest to new heights, and customize their adventure – it is available as a low hut bed or a mid-high bed, and with or without a ladder or gangplank. These sturdy wooden elements would indeed make them feel as if their room is one with mother earth.


Treehouse bed - available as a low hut bed or mid-high bed, with stylish wooden panelsTreehouse Bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms


If camping outdoors is what exhilarates your kids, pick beds like the Camp Canyon Tent Bed for instance, which provides a miniature Tipi tent to bring out the explorer in your child, inspiring a rustic atmosphere – comfort in nature.


Camp Canyon Tent bed with miniature tipi tent in beige-brown huesCamp Canyon Tent bed by Lifetime Kidsrooms


Mighty warrior princess-daughters might take to the Pocahontas bed (discontinued), designed by positioning the Pocahontas tipi tent over our adaptable Basic bed. The tent is tinted with feminine hues of pink against a crème backdrop, further supported by robust aluminum poles, allowing your child to dream in safety.


Pocahontas Bed in girly pink hues with miniature Tipi tentPocahontas Tipi Tent with Basic bed, by Lifetime Kidsrooms


Multi-functional beds

Investing in our range of space-saver cabin beds will certainly be worthwhile. Cabin Bed 1 specialises in maximizing storage – facilitating convenience with handy cabinets and drawers. The entire set of cabinets and drawers could be separated from the bed in the future and be utilized as a TV console, or as a mini table-top, depending on what you prefer.


Cabin bed 2 comes with a pull-out bed and bed drawer, making sleepovers and night-time fun all the more accessible for the kids.


Cabin beds 1 and 2, with cabinet drawers and extra bed

Cabin Beds by Lifetime Kidsrooms


We, at Kuhl Home take pride in our Lifetime Kids Beds, made out of sturdy solid wood, thus possessing high quality. All our beds can be converted into single beds as well, making them flexible to work around – the same bed supports your child at different stages of his life. Designed and made in Denmark, we provide a five-year guarantee on the construction of our products. Furthermore, they have undergone extensive testing by TUV, a rigourous testing authority, presenting safety in comfort.


Come over to Lifetime Kidsrooms’ showroom at No. 1 Boon Leat Terrace, Harbourside Building 1 today to find out more! We are open daily, from 10am to 6pm on Mondays to Saturdays, and from 12pm to 6pm on Sundays and Public Holidays.


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