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Hangout Kids Bed (Loft Area Above)

When you’re young and bored of staying low, maybe going up and high is the answer. Designed to amaze both girls and boys, our kids loft beds are sure to make sleeping less of a chore. Does your rambunctious boy want to be a racer? Not a problem! Check out our Road Trip Loft Bed. And what about your little girl – is she fascinated by fairies? Our Fairy Dust Loft Bed might just be what she is dreaming about.


Another perk that comes with kids loft beds is the added space beneath the bed. There are a hundred and one ways to make use of it. For example, your little girl can host tea parties with her friends or transform it into a home for her stuffed toys. In contrast, boys can lay out a train track that winds around the legs of the kids loft bed.


If you would like to learn more about our kids loft beds, this blog will surely help.