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Are you looking to buy the best kid’s bed and kid’s furniture in Singapore? Cool and unique, the kids’ beds from Lifetime Kidsrooms are sure to rock your child’s world. With an assortment of adorable designs to choose from, both you and your precious ones will be spoilt for choice. Besides the cute princess beds for your little girls and fun adventure beds for your little boys, we also offer teenager beds featuring a more mature design for your growing teens! If you didn’t know this already, here’s why we believe our kids’ beds are exceptional:


They’re made from solid pine wood. This means it is extra sturdy and safe for your child. No harmful chemicals were used during the manufacturing process, protecting your family from hidden dangers. In addition, our kids’ beds have been rigorously tested, meaning they are certified safe for use for all.


And finally, they’re highly adaptable. All kids’ beds shown here can be converted into a single bed, ensuring long-term usability.


For add-ons, we offer bed drawers of various sizes. While designed to be used as storage, slats can be added to transform it into a pull out bed or trundle bed. Learn more about bed drawers, pull out beds and trundle beds here.

We encourage you to visit our showroom located in Singapore (Pasir Panjang) to fully experience our kid’s beds and kid’s furniture.