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Are you a parent of two or more children? Then our kids bunk beds might be the sleeping solution that you are looking for. These double decker wonders can be customised in many ways, ensuring that both girls and boys will fall in love with our designs. Before you start browsing, here are some quick shopping tips before buying your kids a bunk bed!


First, consider the age of your children. Little girls and boys who are too young can have difficulties climbing tall ladders. For children about 5 to 6 years old, we recommend our Limited Edition Bunk Bed which features a low ladder – giving parents a peace of mind while still allowing your little girls and boys to enjoy their double decker bed! A younger toddler could sleep on the bottom bunk which seats on the ground, ensuring their safety.


Second, consider the space of your room. If the ceiling is low, something like the Corner Bunk Bed might be the better option for your children instead of a Standard Bunk Bed.


Want to learn more about our bunk beds? This blog might be helpful!


And, if you’re in need of more shopping tips, not to worry! One of our sales consultants at our showroom will be sure to help you figure out the ideal bunk bed for your children.