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Baby Cot Bed

Changing Unit With Drawers

Junior Kids Bed

Becoming parents is scary, but rewarding. At Kuhl Home, we believe it is our duty to help new parents ease their transit into this new phase in life. We offer a selection of baby furniture and accessories that are not only functional and safe, but also absolutely gorgeous. Here is a quick look at the best baby furniture we have to offer:

Baby Cot Bed
– This charming little cot is exactly what your new born needs. Its ethical and safe design ensures that your baby will get all the sleep his or her little heart desires! And here’s a bonus – when your child is ready to sleep on a bed, this cot can be converted into a junior bed!


Changing Unit with Dresser – One might think that a changing dresser is not essential in caring for a baby. However, the dresser we offer has long-term functionality. When your baby grows up, this dresser can be converted into a small desk – perfect for pre-schoolers!