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1001 Nights Kids Bed

4-in-1 Kids Bed

40% Off – 4-in-1 Kids Bed

40% Off – Kids Cabin Bed with Cupboard

40% Off – Limited Edition Bed without back

40% Off – Multi Functional Cupboard “Play & Store”

40% Off – Sugar Pie Semi-High Bed with Slide

Adventure Kids Bed

Autumn Baby Cot

Baby Cot Bed

Beach House Kids Bed

Beach House Kids Bed with Bench

Blue Camo Kids Bed

Bookcase with 1/2/3/4 Shelves

Botanical Midnight Kids Bed

Cabinet with Turning Desk

Camp Canyon Kids Loft Bed

Changing Unit With Drawers

Children’s Bed with Pop Up Kids Bed

Children’s Desk Chair

Children’s Desk Chair Deluxe

City Chic Kids Bed

Corner Kids Bunk Bed

Corner Wardrobe

Desk on Castors

Dotti Kids Bed

Drawer Unit

Dreams Kids Bed

Essential Kids Bed

Explore Kids Bed

Fairy Dust Kids Bed

Fairy Dust Kids Loft Bed

Family Bunk Bed

Forest Ranger Kids Bed

Forest Ranger Kids Loft Bed

Freebird Kids Loft Bed

Hangout Kids Bed (Loft Area Above)

Hangout Kids Bed (Loft Area Below)

Hangout Kids Bunk Bed

Height Adjustable Desk

High Rise Sleeper

Junior Clover Stool

Junior Clover Table

Junior Kids Bed

Kids Bed with Slide

Kids Bunk Bed

Kids Cabin Bed with Cupboard

Kids Cabin Bed with Pull Out Bed

Limited Edition Bunk Bed

Mid-High Kids Bed

Modular Kid’s Wardrobe

Multi Functional Cupboard “Play & Store”

Play and Store Kids Bed

Play, Learn & Sleep Kids Bed

Road Trip Kids Loft Bed

Silversparkle Kids Hut Bed

Silversparkle Kids Loft Bed

Space Dream Kids Bed

Study Kids Bed

Sugar Pie Kids Loft Bed

Teenager Bed

Treehouse Kids Hut Bed

Treehouse Loft Kids Bed

Wild Child Kids Cabin Bed

Wild Child Kids Loft Bed

At Kuhl Home, we offer ingenious kids’ and toddler furniture that grows with your child. Aptly named Lifetime Kidsrooms, the secret of this famous brand lies in a modular bed system that you can customise however you wish. All bed designs you see here can be converted into a (or two, if you purchase a bunk bed) single bed that is ideal for maturing teens. This famous brand offers a wide selection of designs, such as kids bunk beds, kids loft beds, baby cots and wardrobes.


Lifetime Kidsrooms is a reputable and renowned kids’ furniture brand from Denmark. All Lifetime Kidsrooms products are TUV certified: a statement of assurance of their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Furthermore, the kids’ beds are made from solid pine wood and built without the use of toxic materials, making them environmentally friendly and safe for your little boys and girls. All Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture come with a 5 year warranty. To learn more about the manufacturing process, check out this blog here!


We offer theme beds which are suited for both boys and girls. Boys can select from the following themes – space dream, road race, forest ranger and more. Girls may choose from fairy dust, wild child, sugar pie or even a princess bed! Teenager beds are also available for young adults.


Do drop by our kids showroom in Singapore to explore our wide offerings for kids furniture! If you see something that might be a good fit for your child, and would like additional assistance or information with regards to our kids’ beds, please send in an enquiry. Our sales team will get back to you as soon as they are able!