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30% Off – Bunk Beds for Brilliant Kids

Thinking about saving up on space by getting a bunk bed for your children? Let us, the team at Kuhl Home, ease your furnishing troubles with our awesome bunk beds promotion! Take a peek below to learn how these bunk beds can make your children’s room gorgeous and functional in the short AND long term.


Here’s what makes this Scandinavian kids furniture brand unique:

  • Convertible Kids Beds – Our wondrous kids bed system allows you to convert all bunk beds (as well as others) in their range into TWO single beds once their children outgrow the design. The thoughtful construction of these kids beds ensure stability is retained even after a conversion procedure. With this feature, our kids beds can potentially take your children into their teenage years!
  • Safety GuaranteedOur beds are TUV certified, meaning they have gone through rigorous testing procedures, are safe to use and free of toxic chemicals!
  • Quality Materials & Craftsmanship – Our kids beds are made in Denmark, which ensures quality craftsmanship. The main material used is solid pine wood harvested from slow-growing forests of Scandinavia. The cold climate these trees grow in ensure tighter growth rings and as a result, sturdier wood.
  • Holistic Growth – From spine-supporting mattress slats to slanted wooden planks, Lifetime’s kids beds are designed to help promote physical and mental growth in your child. For example, the Treehouse comes with a wooden plank that leads into the loft bed. This helps with increasing muscular strength in those tiny legs!
  • 5 Year Warranty – All kids beds come with a five year warranty against manufacturing defects. Mattresses and textiles come with a two year warranty.



The Corner Bunk Bed

Kids Bunk Beds for Brilliant Kids


The corner bunk bed is unique in its design as it is shorter than the conventional bunk bed. This lowered height allows it to be fitted into homes with lower ceilings. The increased space between the ceiling and top bunk bed also allows for increased ventilation, providing a more pleasant sleeping experience for the top bunker.

The Corner Bunk Bed is available for viewing in our showroom in Singapore.



Kids Bunk Beds for Brilliant Kids


Family Bunk Bed – The bottom bunk is wider than the top bunk, allowing a family to fit a maximum of three children OR one child and one adult in the bunk bed. You will not find a bed that is more ideal for family bonding than this!


Kids Bunk Beds for Brilliant Kids


Hangout Bunk Bed – If you’re seeking a bunk bed with a bit more design, the Hangout is perfect. A home within a home, it is guaranteed to take your children on many cool adventures!



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