Perks of Loft Beds – Liberating Space to Breathe and Play

Perks of Loft Beds - Liberating Space to Breathe and Play

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Children’s bedrooms in Singapore can be tight in terms of space at the best of times. First, there’s the kids’ furniture that needs to be fitted in and that’s before you think about toys and activities! This principle applies even more as your kids grow up and need more space as a result.


The good news is that if your child has a loft bed , there are ways that it can be used to address the issue of space. So, if you’re thinking of getting a loft bed for your kid’s room, read on to find out what’s possible.


For Little Geeks

Perks of Loft Beds - Liberating Space to Breathe and Play


When your loft bed becomes the Study Bed For Kids , it creates more space for you to use. Also, this extra space is useable and stops your child’s bedroom from getting too cluttered. Loft beds locate the bed on a high raised surface, meaning that all of the room underneath can be used for storage or play. Combined with a wooden desk, a loft bed offers a comfortable area to study but also room to breathe and be creative.


For Pack Rats

Perks of Loft Beds - Liberating Space to Breathe and Play


Loft beds combined with a Multi functional Play & Store Cupboard offer great storage options to the pack rats in your family. The space this kids’ furniture offers is ideal for school supplies, decoration, toys and much more. This means your little one has more safe, open floor space in which to play.

For Adventurers

Perks of Loft Beds - Liberating Space to Breathe and Play


Whilst no two kids are the same, one thing most children love is a hiding place or den. Loft beds like the Hang Out Loft Bed offer a private little space for your children to create their own worlds of play. With a secret area that they can call their own, the area underneath the bed offers a place for having fun and storing toys. The fact the loft bed is actually a place to sleep is almost secondary with this kids’ furniture .


So, What’s the Right Age for a Loft Bed ?

Perks of Loft Beds - Liberating Space to Breathe and Play


In order to access a loft bed , either steps or ladders need to be used, which means they’re not suitable for the under 5s. Your little one needs to be confident enough to climb up and down, in and out of bed without assistance. If you’re using bunk beds for two young children, the youngest can sleep safely on the bottom bunk, with the eldest on the top bunk. So long as your eldest is over 5 and can get in and out easily, it’s perfectly safe. If you want to make it easier for your little one, you can opt for a slanted ladder instead of a vertical one. It’s even the same price!


Loft Beds Offer Many Space-saving Options

So, if you’re having space issues in your child’s bedroom, remember that the loft bed could be the answer you’re looking for. With a little imagination and the right combination of kids’ furniture, your children can enjoy all the room they need.


If you’d like to find out more about the world of opportunities offered by loft beds , we’d love to see you at our Kids’ furniture showroom. It’s easy to find on Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore and it’s packed with real examples of our beautiful loft beds and much more.


If you can’t make it in to see us we recommend flipping through our online catalogue, found here. If however, you need advice, call us on +65 6376 4392 and we’ll be more than happy to help find the perfect products for your needs.


Thanks for reading our blog. Check back soon for more on the magical world of kids’ furniture .


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