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Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part 2)
Designer Furniture of 2018: Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part Two)

In love with the designer furniture pieces featured in the first article of Bolia’s spring collection? Don’t worry – we are too! Here is another trio of the latest designs from..

5 Designer Sofas for the Designer in You
5 Designer Sofas For the Designer in You

When choosing furniture for your new home, the most important guideline to follow is to choose pieces that suit your purposes. This is especially the case for sofas, as they are..

Insta-worthy Kids Furniture: Safe, Functional & Gorgeous!

Aww-worthy kids furniture are a dime in a dozen, but we are positive you have never seen something quite like this in Singapore. Take a gander at the Beach House, Beach..

Our MVP Kids Beds The 4-in-1 (1)
Our MVP Kids Beds: The 4-in-1

Make no mistake – the 4-in-1 Children bed is the most valuable player in our beautiful collection of kids beds. While it is not as popular as the Hangout Bunkbed for..

Our Best-Selling Kids Beds The Hangout (1)
Our Best-Selling Kids Beds: The Hangout

Behold the Hangout! It is arguably the most popular bed we have in our wide range of kids beds. Here, you can learn more about the various models of this whimsical..

Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part One) (4)
Designer Furniture of 2018: Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part One)

One might think that Bolia, the Scandinavian furniture brand for lovers of modern life, will take a breather after releasing their 2018 collection. They have never been more wrong. In the..

6 New Sofas Take Lounging Comfort To The Next Level

New years are about setting resolutions, celebrations and fun but on top of that, changing things up and replacing the old with the new can also inspire new ideas and fuel..

Palette of the week: Into the Woods

Rocking the rugged scheme Embrace realness with a rugged, rustic colour palette. Beauty is only fascinating when it is genuine. This is why we have a special feature on the..

Lifetime Kids Rooms Wild Child Bed
The secrets to helping your child grow

Play of all kinds is the best form of education for a young child. Through play, a child can improve their motor, cognitive and social skills – just to name a..

Skovby furniture
Shrinking homes is an epidemic

To compromise on the size of your furniture or to get a bigger home? At Kuhl Home, we liberate you from this dilemma. One piece of furniture serves you in several..

Palette of the week: Fun, Block, Colour

How to make your space unique? Bolia could help – try colour blocking! It is a technique which combines different colours without patterns. Here’s the fun, block, colours palette to get..

Palette of the week: Gentle & Neutral

Natural colours are your most versatile – not only can they connect colours in a scheme; they also can used as a form of contrast. If you fancy it, your entire..

What’s so spectacular about the Silver Sparkle?

What comes to mind when we say ‘Silver Sparkle’? Think pixie dust, Christmas lights and stars – all the whimsical elements in the world which inspires a twinkle of hope in..

lifetime kidsrooms bunk bed
Sweet dreams for your little ones

Selecting a bed for your children should be a breeze. Regardless of their age, what appeals to them, or how active they are, we urge you to find a versatile bed..

bolia abby sofa
How to safely deal with heavy furniture

Guest blog written by: Justin Lee of Write Handed When it comes to moving, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with furniture. Bulky essentials such as refrigerators, beds or..

bolia chairs
5 Beautiful Chairs Worth Every Penny

We spend hours every week dining with our family and friends, it is important that the chairs we sit on are not only comfortable but aesthetically pleasing as well. Chairs are..

Removing sofa stains
Your Handy Guide to Removing Stains From Sofas

Now, you’ve gotten the perfect sofa to match your dream home. Months into the purchase, you’re hosting a dinner party for your guests. Unbeknownst to you, a guest spilled something on..

Tips to Furnishing a Small Home

In a world where design is constantly changing to fit within the ideals of the contemporary home, the rising trend of small spaces plagues the home of many Singaporeans especially those..

Different Types of Lightings to Beautify Your Home

Lighting is an important feature in furnishing a home, as to provide us a source of light. However, it has since transformed to be more than just that. It sets the..

Living Room Inspiration

 Look 1: Create a design feature in the living area with the help of tall colourful bookcases.   Featuring: House Bookcase, Less Sofa, Hex Side Table & Vitus Coffee Table..

Customize your sofa with us!

At Kuhl Home, you will find sofas designed and hand made in Europe using the finest materials and a big scoop of love. This gives you the opportunity to customize your sofa..

The European REACH Standards

Europe’s chemicals legislation (REACH) grants consumers the right to information about specific problematic chemicals in consumer products. These substances are contained in the Candidate List, an official EU list of substances..