Do you have Kids Bedroom Sharing Woes? Here are 5 tips!

Do you have Kids Bedroom Sharing Woes Here are 5 tips!

Parents across Singapore often experience a quandary at some point in their kids’ early lives. When they have more children, the spectre of kids bedroom sharing raises its head. When you have more children than bedrooms, it’s a necessity, rather than a choice and it means changing the sleeping arrangements. It could be that you’re downsizing, but the problem remains the same – how to fit them all comfortably in one room.


In this blog, we look at how kids bedroom sharing doesn’t have to leave your kids feeling cramped and with no personal space. So, read on for tips on how to use the kids’ furniture and space available to make sharing much easier on everyone.


Tip One – Create Personal Space

Do you have Kids Bedroom Sharing Woes Here are 5 tips!

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A consequence of having your children share a room is that they might feel like they suddenly have no privacy. This isn’t really a problem for younger tots, but when they get older, it can turn into a real issue.


One solution to the problem is to use kids’ furniture in the room to create personal, private areas for each child.


For example, if you have two kids, perhaps think about purchasing your kids’ furniture in twos. 2 kids beds , 2 dressers, 2 lots of children storage …you get the idea. Then you can create a separate space all of their own on each side of the room, giving them room to breathe. Some parents in Singapore even go as far as to string a curtain along the center of the room, offering extra privacy.

Tip Two – Involve your Kids in the Design of the Room

Do you have Kids Bedroom Sharing Woes Here are 5 tips!

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It may have caught your notice that tweens and teens have lots and lots of opinions. What can really help the process along is to get them to get involved in how their room is designed. If they’re allowed to decide where the childrens beds go, as well as the rest of the kids’ furniture , it turns into something exciting.


The kids bedroom sharing experience can also be helped along by letting them choose other aspects. Allowing them to make decisions on things like color scheme will instil pride in their space and foster teamwork.

Tip ThreeGive Them Responsibility

Do you have Kids Bedroom Sharing Woes Here are 5 tips!


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Nothing helps the bedroom atmosphere more than giving responsibility to one or both of your kids. If one is older than the other, perhaps consider getting the older sibling involved in the bedtime story or in tucking in duties. Atmosphere is really important in kids bedroom sharing scenarios and responsibility can really help.

Tip Four – Stagger Sleep Schedules

Do you have Kids Bedroom Sharing Woes Here are 5 tips!

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When two children share a room, it can be easy to get them to synchronise their sleep schedules. However, it’s important that each child sticks to their own sleep time and bedroom routine. If your toddler is tired an hour before the older sibling, take care of your youngest first and then connect with your eldest.


Planning is key, as well following all the old routines that occurred before the bedroom sharing started. That includes putting on their PJs, cuddling and reading stories. It may take a little time to perfect, but you’ll find the ideal solution before too long.

Tip Five – Buy A White Noise Machine
Do you have Kids Bedroom Sharing Woes Here are 5 tips!

For kids who find getting to sleep difficult, a white noise machine can be a great addition to their room. They help to foster a deeper, more peaceful sleep, especially when kids are sharing a room. Kids can often wake each other up during the night with the noises they make and white noise reduces that greatly.


In Conclusion


When kids bedroom sharing becomes necessary, it doesn’t mean that your kids have to suffer. By applying a little thought, being organised and getting creative, your kids can sleep soundly in their bunk, trundle or loft bed . Less space doesn’t have to mean less privacy or space to play and by following our tips, you can make it happen.


We thank you for reading our blog and we hope you find it useful in dealing with your kids bedroom sharing issues. Check back with us soon for more from the wonderful world of high quality kids’ furniture.



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