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Tips to Furnishing a Small Home

space saving solutions

In a world where design is constantly changing to fit within the ideals of the contemporary home, the rising trend of small spaces plagues the home of many Singaporeans especially those living in HDBs. As such, we came up with a list of quick tips and product recommendations to help you overcome this problem and get you started!


  1. Space saving features

The adaptability of contemporary designs allows for space efficient features integrated within furnitures. When design meets function, the possibilities are endless. Below are a few pieces we love for their design and multi-purpose functions.


Bowl Coffee Table by Bolia


The Bowl Coffee Table features a sliding table top, revealing segmented storage space within the base of the coffee table. The piece is perfect if you are looking for both a display and storage area.

Skovby 1

Multi-Purpose Dining Table by Skovby – when closed


At first glance, the storage-like furniture seems to be capable of that, and only that. However, the piece comes with two lift-up leaves (opened picture below), effectively converting it into a dining table which could fit up to 6 people. We love that the reversible top reveals a stainless steel cover, making it tolerant to hot objects, with wheels at the bottom making it easily movable.



Skovby 2

Multi-purpose Dining Table by Skovby – When Opened

2. Add Mirrors

A well-positioned mirror opens up a small space, while enhancing the room’s natural light, allowing your home to feel both bigger and brighter.


Vora Wall Mirror

Vora Wall Mirror by Bolia


The Vora Mirror features a stylish looking piece that hangs off a leather strap. In positioning it behind a light source, it further enhances the brightness of the space. This instantly makes the room much brighter, while acting as an additional decorative piece for your home.


Fold Mirror

Fold Mirror by Normann Copenhagen


A small mirror might not provide as much light enhancement as a big mirror do, but when placed in groups, they act as a focal point for the space. The Fold mirror helps us make our case!


3.Use Walls and Ceiling space

In a space constraint home, it is essential to fully utilize the spaces. While walls and ceiling space are typically used to accommodate lightings, they should not only be limited to it. These are some pieces that we recommend for your daily needs:


STRAP by Bolia


STRAP transforms an empty space on the wall into a fantastic place where you can store and display your things. We love that it provides you a small personalized desk without the bulkiness and space consuming component that comes with a traditional furniture.



Pockets Organinser by Normann Copenhagen


Pockets organizer is a flexible wall-mounted storage solution that is perfect for all of those small things around the home. Pocket has a variety of uses ranging from a magazine holder and planter to storage of make-up, kitchen utensils, office supplies and lots more. Pocket it your way!


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