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The European REACH Standards


Europe’s chemicals legislation (REACH) grants consumers the right to information about specific problematic chemicals in consumer products. These substances are contained in the Candidate List, an official EU list of substances of very high concern. The list includes chemicals with known long-term adverse effects on humans and/or the environment.


At Kuhl Home, we carefully follow and respect the high EU REACH standards, eliminating risky substances from our production processes and thereby minimising any possible allergic reactions. We will avoid the use of potentially harmful chemicals in our products. We therefore require that our producers must avoid the use of substances on the Candidate List in the production process.


Around 95% of our collection is purchased within the EU and we make sure that all of our producers are aware of their obligation to inform us regarding the content of substances on the Candidate List in their respective products.


You are welcome to make an enquiry about any product in our collection. We will as quickly as possible collect the requested information from our producer regarding the use of any substances on the Candidate List in the given product. You can read more about REACH and see the Candidate List here.


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