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Sophistication Redefined: Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture

Sophisticated Redefined Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture

At Kuhl Home Singapore, we supply designer furniture from the leading Scandinavian furniture designers. Our exclusive association with the brightest minds in furniture design means that they’re the perfect choice for the design conscious consumer.


One such design company whose products we are very proud to represent is Normann Copenhagen. This is an established Danish manufacturer of timeless designs that challenge the conventions of what represents modern furniture. The company has been in existence since 1999. Its products have earned the enterprise more than 80 different design awards.


We look now at some of the famous designs featured in the Normann Copenhagen range.


The Form Chair

Sophisticated Redefined Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture


For those with young families or even with just an appreciation for minimalist design, the Form Chair offers this in spades. When you first look these attractive chairs, what strikes you most is how simple they are. This chair offers a seamless, welcoming and classic design enjoyed by many of our customers.


The Shorebirds

Sophisticated Redefined Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture


At Kuhl Home, we know a good conversation piece when we see one and we know that the Shorebird range of ornaments will provide much to talk about with dinner guests. They are created by Sigurjon Palsson, an Icelandic designer with a penchant for designing quirky, expressive pieces.


Sum Modular Sofas

Sophisticated Redefined Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture


If you’d like your sofa to perfectly fit into the size of your lounge, Sum Modular Sofas & Armchairs are ideal. They are designed by Finn Simon Legald to offer contemporary elegance that can be chosen at a length to meet your individual requirements. Whether you want 2 seater cosiness or a sofa that stretches for many metres and goes round corners, a solution can be easily and attractively achieved.


The Herit Chair

Sophisticated Redefined Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture


If it’s classic Danish design you’re after, then another of Simon Legald’s creations will be right up your street! His honest, traditional ‘Herit Chair’ is something that is on the minimalistic end of the scale, but also offers a degree of comfort. Built to assist great posture and look awesome in the home at the same time, we think this a case when ‘less is more’ definitely applies. 

The Grant Lamp Series

Sophisticated Redefined Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture


Based on the design of traditional Danish street lights and created again by Simon Legald, the Grant Lamp Series is as stunning as it is unique. Available in a range of metal finishes, this flexible lighting option is sure to draw admiring glances from guests to your home. This series is available in wall mounted, floor standing or table lamp varieties.


The Singularly Unique Eddy Table Lamp

Sophisticated Redefined Normann Copenhagen’s Designer Furniture


Simon Legald delivers again, with this amazing and unique table lamp that fuses light an art in one unit. There are few designer furniture options on the market that offer the kind of jaw dropping style offered by the Eddy Table Lamp. Its solid, quality Italian marble and steel construction is yet another piece of mesmerising living art from Normann Copenhagen range. Not only that, but its integrated LED design means it uses next to no power to do its work.


Get a closer look!

These captivating designs are just a sneakpeek of the huge range of Scandinavian designer furniture we have at Kuhl Home, Singapore. You can find us on Pasir Panjang Road at our warehouse showroom. Inside, you’ll be able to see these stunning products in all their glory, for yourself.


If getting down to see us is difficult for you, it’s possible to view much of what we’re talking about online on the rest of our website. However, if its advice you need, call us now on +65 68780180 and one of our friendly experts will be on hand to help.


Hope to see you soon!



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