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Simon Legald’s Designs – The Future of Scandinavian Furniture

Simon Legald’s Designs – The Future of Scandinavian Furniture

At Kuhl Home Singapore, we supply furniture of the very highest quality, created by the brightest minds in Scandinavian design. We can do this because of the excellent long-standing relationships we have with the top designers from across Scandinavia. In this blog, we introduce you to a special designer from Denmark. He is someone who embodies modern furniture design and his name is Simon Legald.


This brilliant designer, who is a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, has created a beautiful range of modern, thought provoking furniture designs for Danish furniture and homewares giant Normann Copenhagen.


As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let’s dive in and take a look at just some of the creations available from this Danish design pioneer.


Our Most Popular – The Form ‘Shell’ Chair

Simon Legald’s Designs – The Future of Scandinavian Furniture


The basis of the Form ‘shell’ chair design is perfected uniformity. Its seamless design is created from molded plastic, beautifully crafted around a steel or oak frame. When you sit in one, you understand its beauty is of a mix of simplicity, quality, comfort and durability. This ‘armless’ armchair is our most popular yet and is minimalism at its very best.


Trending Lights – The Amp Series

Simon Legald’s Designs – The Future of Scandinavian Furniture


Inspired by vintage tube amplifiers from the 60s, the Amp Series (Pendant) is a modern take on a classic design. Another Normann Copenhagen branded Simon Legald creation, this set of lights offer a touch of nostalgia. It is manufactured from both modern and classic materials. It is also wonderfully able to blend future and past.


Reinventing the Old – The Tap Stool

Simon Legald’s Designs – The Future of Scandinavian Furniture


There’s something quite pure about a classic design that is also able to add a flexible option to any room. This Legald design is light, comfortable and easily stackable, adding more seating where required. It features a sleek design, with its three legs molding into the seat, which has hard foam for comfort. It takes a clever mind to take a classic like the Tap Stool and make it their own. We think Simon has done just that!


New & Hot Designs from Simon – Sum Modular Sofa

Simon Legald’s Designs – The Future of Scandinavian Furniture


If flexible chic sounds good to you, then the Sum Modular Sofa is piece of furniture you need to see. Easily tailorable to any room, extra modules can be added to fill the space you need. This stylish furniture shouts contemporary elegance and offers a warm and homely feel to the room around it.


New & Hot Designs by Simon – Herit Chair

Simon Legald’s Designs – The Future of Scandinavian Furniture


Lending its name from the word ‘Heritage’, the Herit Chair displays the familiar characteristics of traditional and honest Danish design. As with much of the Normann Copenhagen/Legald range, it comes with an added, modern twist. Whilst the design is nostalgic, the materials used are modern – a perfect fusion of the two.


If you’d like to see designs like these for yourself, we recommend coming down to our warehouse showroom. We’re located on Pasir Panjang Road and we’re open 7 days a week. We believe that when you see our furniture, you’ll know what scandinavian excellence means.


Closing Notes…

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