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Shrinking homes is an epidemic

Skovby furniture

To compromise on the size of your furniture or to get a bigger home? At Kuhl Home, we liberate you from this dilemma. One piece of furniture serves you in several ways!


Can tables be flexible too?


As much as most designer furniture tend to be over-sized and gaudy to make a statement, we at Kuhl Home believe that you can never be too small to be seen. If you have trouble getting a table, which fits your family of four on most days, and your extended family (of relatives you’ve never met before) on rare, important occasions, our solution is extendable tables.


Pull-out or fold-down tables, just like Bolia’s Double-up and Coney dining tables, mean that you do not need to sacrifice too much floor space.


double up dining table in 2 settings - one as a shortened study table, another as a lengthened dining table

Double up dining table by Bolia


white Coney dining tables

Coney table by Bolia


When tables aren’t exactly tables…

The intelligence of the Block Table makes it versatile; it is not your average side table! Its wheelers make it an excellent serving trolley for tea, its compact size makes it a darling at the side of your bed, and the absence of sharp corners makes it a possible fixture in the children’s room. Made with no specific direction in mind, but to head in all directions towards your comfort. It certainly impresses as an adaptable piece of furniture with several functions in the home.


block tables in 3 settings - one as a serving trolley at the dining area, 1 as a bedside table, one as a support for a lamp

Block table by Normann Copenhagen

When lights can move…

Adjustable wall lamp fixtures, like the Stretch wall lamp (as shown below) are perfect for getting your lighting to work in different ways at different times. When working from home, beam it downwards onto the desk. When the light gets too striking, turn it upwards to bounce light off walls or your ceiling.


black Stretch wall lamps - 1 against a peach coloured wall, anoter against a steel grey wall

Stretch Wall lamp by Bolia


Stretch wall lamps - 1 against grey wall at dining area, 1 against light purple wall

Stretch Wall lamp by Bolia

The petite take centre stage

Small spaces are a common sight in Singaporean homes, but that should never be your status quo. Bolia’s poufs are incredibly useful for providing flexible extra seating and can double up as side tables and footrests.


Beige ronda pouf against brown floor, two-toned ronda pouf against black floor, as a support to a table lamp

Ronda Pouf by Bolia



Your coffee table hides your secrets too

Bolia’s smooth-sliding Bowl Coffee table is such a dream. Store just about anything in the hollow space beneath the surface. Items can be moved out of the way and hidden quickly and easily. Control what people see about you; as you sip tea and engage in heart to hearts with your friends, no one will ever know how messy you truly are.


Bowl coffee table in 2 settings, 1 in a living room of a blue colour palette, 1 in a living room of a darker colour palette

Bowl Coffee Table by Bolia


Bowl coffee table, removable cover, adapts to any kind of living space

Bowl coffee table by Bolia


Open storage – the best kind of irony

When it comes to storage, many take to the rule, “out of sight, out of mind”. At Kuhl Home, we prize innovation. Open shelving provides for a room for inspiration and easy reference for when you need to find something quick. Moreover, it is always visually satisfying when you observe neat rows and piles of stuff. Instantly, it becomes an aesthetic display case for you too!


Strap Modular Shelving system by Bolia


Strap Modular Shelving system by Bolia


Kids have it great too

Lifetime Kidsrooms prides themselves on designing furniture with the well-being of your home and your child in mind – pieces can truly stand the test of time, giving free rein to you to create spaces within a space, and to the kids too, to be fun and creative with play-time.

Ever heard of portable tables and cupboards all in one? The multi-functional play and store cupboard makes tidying a breeze. When it is time to run the day, your kids can pull the elements out and they work as their table and chair. Tired of gaming or doing homework with their buddies? They can roll the makeshift table and chair back in with ease, and plenty of space is left! Get different cool combinations by placing the elements as you please.


Multi-functional Play and store cupboard by Lifetime Kidsrooms


Multi-functional Play and store cupboard by Lifetime Kidsrooms


Visit our showroom to find out how we mix and match our furniture!


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