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Save Precious Space With Our Stunning Kids’ Beds!

Lifetime kidsroom turning desk Kids furniture Singapore

In Singapore, space is a premium. It is no wonder Singaporeans are in love with space-saving solutions in the home! Scandinavian kids’ furniture manufacturer, Lifetime Kidsrooms, is well known for their gorgeous kids’ beds. But, did you know that their convertible children’s bed system and study/storage furniture pieces are designed to save space as well? It is utterly ingenious, and I can’t wait to show you how it all works! First up, we have the Mid-High Bed and Cabinet with Turning Desk.


Loft beds have been in the kids’ beds industry for some time now. As the bed is lifted off the ground, it is often touted as a space-saving solution. Predictably, Lifetime Kidsrooms wasn’t satisfied with that and decided to take the space-saving challenge a notch higher. The result is the Cabinet with Turning Desk.



By parking the cabinet section beneath the children bed, a child can easily pull the table top section out when needed. If he or she wants to clear floor space for play time, he/she can easily do so by pushing the table top back in. Do watch the video to get a quick idea of how it works!


Another fantastic space-saving kids’ bed is the High Rise Sleeper. For this children bed, Lifetime Kidsrooms offer two space-saving options.


  1. The simpler of the two is a single plank of wood that stretches from one bed end to the other. This creates a 2-metre long table that can be filled with all sorts of accessories and electronics!
  2. The other option is the Multifunctional Play & Store Cupboard! By shifting the slim wooden structures out, your child can create a table with two opposing seats. It also provides ample storage space for your child’s toys and books!


Save Precious Space With Our Stunning Kids' Beds!


Finally, we turn our attention to Lifetime Kidsrooms’ Cabin Bed. This specific kids’ bed comes with THREE amazing space-saving solutions. More details below!


  1. The first level of this kids’ bed features three columns of shelves that is perfect for storing knickknacks. Below it, is a bed drawer that can be used for storage purposes OR be transformed into a trundle bed.
  2. If you are a parent of three and need a way to squeeze the trio onto one bed, then this kids’ bed is exactly what you need. The first level contains a pull-out bed while the next holds a bed drawer that can also be transformed into a trundle bed!
  3. Finally, we have a fantastic cupboard that can be pulled out from underneath the bed and be used as a TV Console! When your child does so, it also frees up the space beneath the bed for storage purposes.


Save Precious Space With Our Stunning Kids' Beds!


Which space-saving solution is your favourite? Tell us below! If you would like a closer look at these beautiful kids beds, do drop by our showroom here.



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