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Palette of the week: Fun, Block, Colour

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How to make your space unique? Bolia could help – try colour blocking! It is a technique which combines different colours without patterns. Here’s the fun, block, colours palette to get you into the mood.


Fun block colours mood board of Bolia's products
Top left: Workbox, Madison sofa | Top middle: Hannah sofa, Aura sofa
Top right: Hannah sofa

Bottom left: Doze sofa, Symbiosis coffee table
Bottom middle: Workbox


Experiment with schemes. The neutral scheme of colours in your home is literally screaming out to you to breathe life into it – with dashes and hints of colours. Decorating in brightened hues is all about looking at how you assemble them together. (Here’s a tip: Use vivid colours of the same saturation and tone) To use a wide spectrum of colours, or a limiting them to a maximum of three colours – it’s up to you. All we know is that a home drenched in vibrant colour makes an extraordinary, eye-catching abode.


One thing to note: Try to refrain from intensifying your decor with patterns, as it complicates the design and its primary focus would be lost! Let your colours speak their mind.

Most importantly, be yourself and have fun with these bold statements.


Don’t fit in when you’re born to stand out.

This palette is all about injecting a little bit of you: your style, your individuality and your personality into your home. The end-result is to personalise, to the extent where your space is exclusively yours, exploding with energy.


Check in with us soon on the next design inspiration!



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