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Kids’ Furniture Close-Up: Brilliant Bunk Beds!

Kids bunk bed

Last time, we talked about ingenious space-saving kids’ furniture by Lifetime Kidsrooms. This time, we’re going to take a gander at another type of furniture that saves space – Bunk Beds! We believe these brilliant bunk beds deserve their own little corner on our site. Let us tell you why!


In Singapore, two kids per household is the norm. This means many Singaporean parents will have to crack their heads over how they are going to use their rooms at home. A common solution, when the kids are young at least, is to put them in the same room. Depending on the sizes of these rooms, two single kids’ beds might be too squeezy. The solution, then, is bunk beds!


Perks of Lifetime Kidsrooms


You probably already know that our kids’ beds come with a long list of perks. If you’re not, here’s a refresher!:


  • Made of Solid Pine harvested from the bitter cold forests of Scandinavia. This means the wood is extra sturdy!
  • TUV Certified, meaning our kids’ beds have been rigorously tested. This proves our kids’ furniture is safe for your children and for the environment!
  • 5 Years Warranty against manufacturing defects! This is a proof of the craftsmen’s confidence in their kids’ furniture!
  • Inspires Growth: Singaporean parents have the option to add bed parts and accessories to the children’s beds. These will encourage growth! Examples include black boards, slides, ladders, play curtains and more!


Lifetime Kidsroom Basic Bed


But here’s the most important bit – Our kids’ furniture is modular, meaning it is highly customizable. These intricately designed kids’ beds, such as the Silver Sparkle, can be converted into a single bed when the child matures. A bunk bed, on the other hand, can make two single beds (seen above)! This is exceedingly useful if a Singaporean family decides to move into a bigger home that can house the two children in separate rooms.



Let’s start simple. Here is our Bunk Bed in the classic one-bed-over-the-other design. The ladder can be straight or slanted – it’s your choice! Timeless and classic, this bunk bed is ideal for those who are looking for the tried-and-tested. Do note though… if your ceiling is too low, this kids’ bed might be more of a boon than a bane!


Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Brilliant Bunk Beds! (3)


A Corner Bunk Bed, on the other hand, takes the top bunk lower to the ground. While this might use up more floor space than a conventional bunk bed, it still uses less space than two single beds and fits in most low-ceiling rooms! There is also increased ventilation for the top bunk.


Kids’ Furniture Close-Up Brilliant Bunk Beds! (3)


Finally, we have the Family Bunk Bed. For this kids’ bed, the major feature is the bottom bunk, which is wider than the classic bunk bed. This means you can fit up to three people (2 kids, 1 adult) in the same room.


Don’t forget that you can customize these kids’ beds by adding various accessories, such as clip-on tables, hanging boxes and blackboards!


Stay tuned for more fabulous kids’ furniture! Or better yet, come by our kids’ furniture showroom and experience it for yourself!


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