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Is A Fabric Sofa For You? Answers within!

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Sofa shopping is trickier than it seems! First, you will have to figure out how much space you can dedicate to this big-ticket item at home. Then, you have to consider your desired life style and how the designer sofa’s configuration can accommodate it. For example, do you intend to spend hours lounging on your sofa? Then perhaps an L-shaped sofa (aka a chaise lounge sofa) will be a better choice than a 3-seater. Another potential issue to consider is the frequency of you having guests over. If there are no guest rooms, then a cozy sofa bed might be something you should consider.


These are the more prominent issues. What is less obvious is how your lifestyle can have varying impacts on the different materials a designer sofa can be made in. The contentious point is often this – Should I choose a fabric sofa, or a leather sofa?


Is a Fabric Sofa For You Answers Within

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Points of Consideration


  • Price Point: More wallet-friendly. More often than not, a fabric sofa is less expensive than a leather sofa.
  • Reactiveness to Temperature: Less reactive to temperature fluctuations. In Singapore, hot weather is often a pet peeve. Fabric takes in less heat, allowing it to remain cool longer in comparison to a leather sofa.
  • Choices: More often than not, there are more color and texture choices for fabric sofas in comparison to their leather counterparts.
  • Durability/Maintenance: Again, it depends on your lifestyle. If your family is prone to causing stains, then a leather sofa might be better because it is less absorbent. Fabric sofas also tend to be less scratch-resistant, as mentioned earlier. Do consult your sales consultant for further assistance on this point!
  • Pets: The answer? It depends.  An extremely furry pet will spell disaster for a fabric sofa but not a leather one and the reverse is true for a creature with extremely sharp claws. Granted, this doesn’t mean a fabric sofa is the best choice for a household with a cat. For more tips, look at this article from the Straits Times here.

Other possible factors, such as the style a fabric/leather sofa offers and comfort, are quite subjective. Here, we pass the mic to you – which do you think is more stylish and/or comfortable? Comment below!


Our Top Fabric Picks for Bolia


If you’ve decided on a fabric sofa, congratulations! The next step to pick the fabric that suits your needs the best. Here, I will use examples from the high-quality fabric that one of our famous brands, Bolia, uses.


Baize Nantes London
Is a Fabric Sofa For You Answers Within Is a Fabric Sofa For You Answers Within Is a Fabric Sofa For You Answers Within
Material: 100% polyester
Martindale: 60,000
Light fastness: 5
Pilling: 4-5
Material: 100% Polyester

Martindale: 120,000

Light fastness: 5

Pilling: 4-5

Material: 100% Polyester
Martindale: 100,000
Light fastness: 5
Pilling: 4-5
Baize is the softest fabric Bolia has to offer. It also offers a beautiful, classic look that suits most sofas. The higher the Martindale number, the more durable and stain-resistant a fabric is. Here, it is clear where the Nantes fabric shines the best. For something in the middle of both, you can try out the London fabric. It also adds character to your chosen designer sofa.


Fancy taking a closer look at our fabrics? Drop by Kuhl Home, located at 100E Pasir Panjang Road, #08-01,Century Warehouse, Singapore 118521 and we’ll be more than happy to show you what we have to offer!


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