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Exquisite Dining Sets For a Modern Dining Room

Exquisite Dining Sets For a Modern Dining Room

At Kuhl Home Singapore , we supply the very best in Scandinavian furniture . From sofas to lamps and everything in between, we’ve got something to suit any modern home. In this article, we look at one of the most important parts of any family home – the Dining Set .


The dining table  performs an important role in the family home. It’s the place where life happens and where families talk while they eat. Talking is how families connect and the wonderful dining sets we offer provide the perfect backdrop.


We look now at some of the gorgeous table and dining chair  combinations we have in stock.


The SM106 Table & SM40 Chair

Exquisite Dining Sets For a Modern Dining Room


The SM40 combined with the SM106 is a wonder to behold. The sleigh chair is a modern twist on a simple dining chair  design that fits into any contemporary setting. This elegance comes in robust form too, as its created from solid, long lasting wood. Its trapeze shape frame matches that of the dining table, making them fit together perfectly.


The Form Table & Form Chair

Exquisite Dining Sets For a Modern Dining Room


Normann Copenhagen are one of the top Scandinavian Furniture  designers. They have created this amazing retro-chic dining table  and chair combo that will wow your dinner guests. The Form Table and Form Chair, show why they’ve won so many design awards.


The DT18 Table & C3 Dining Chair 

Exquisite Dining Sets For a Modern Dining Room


If you like a little more luxury and comfort at dinner time, this combo is the one for you. This wonderful dining set  from the Danish designer Bolia, is comfortable yet minimalist. The superb DT18 table is perfectly complemented by the gorgeous C3 chairs. This is one of our most popular choices, with the seats coming in a choice of colours.


The Coney Table & Beaver Chair

Exquisite Dining Sets For a Modern Dining Room


Less is moss definitely more with the Coney dining table and the stylish Beaver chair. Function meets design as the Coney dining table can be extended when extra guests come for dinner. The modern laminate aesthetic of the Beaver chair makes it easy to clean too. Perfect for mealtimes with smaller children!


This is just some of the wide range of Scandinavian furniture  we have in stock. You can see for yourself if you come in and see us at our warehouse showroom. We’re located at 100E Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore and we’re open 7 days a week.


We think that it’s the only way to see the Scandinavian craftsmanship that goes into every piece of furniture. You can also contact us by calling us on +65 63764392 or by emailing us at info@kuhlhome.com.


We hope to see you soon!


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