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Different Types of Lightings to Beautify Your Home

vita copenhagen carmina lamp

Lighting is an important feature in furnishing a home, as to provide us a source of light. However, it has since transformed to be more than just that. It sets the ambience to a home, and most importantly its style. With the myriad of lightings available, which type will suit your space?


  1. Pendant Lamps

EOS Pendant

Eos Pendant


Pendant Lamps are extremely useful in spaces with high ceilings. By utilising these pendant lamps, the perspective of a high ceiling space is brought down to a rather reachable scale to its users. In the featured pendant lamp above, EOS Pendant, the natural goose feather surrounding its circumference adds a softer touch to the room. Additionally, what we love about it is its height adjustability. To allow a rather spacious home perspective, adjust the lamp to a higher height. Effectively this creates a spacious yet soft, minimalist ambience to the room.


2. Floor lamps

Lounge 2 Floor Lamp

Lounge 2 Floor Lamp


Floor lamps are great at providing a cosy atmosphere. Its subtle lighting radiates the warmth, a corner needs. Additionally, its effectiveness in adding height amongst the other furniture adorning a space, makes it a piece to look out for. Take this piece of lighting by Bolia (above picture), the structure adds height to the space while acting as an accent piece. Such floor lamps are fuss free due to their portable nature, making it easier for anyone who loves to rearrange the furniture around. The constant restyling adds a refreshed ambience to one’s space every now and then.


3. Table lamps



Glow Table Lamp


Table lamps like floor lamps, are part of the necessary task lighting needed to optimize the lighting in a space. Its rather small sized nature and portability, as compared to other lightings, makes it a top choice amongst users.  Depending on the tasks to complete in a space, table lamps allow you to be flexible in optimizing the lighting. The above piece, Glow Table Lamp by Bolia, allows for a higher amount of light to pass through due to its transparent shade. This helps provide a better lighting while complementing the space.


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