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Designer Furniture We Love – Karl’s Picks!

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As a Scandinavian furniture hub that houses six famous European brands, Kuhl Home has many designs to offer to Singaporean homeowners… a little too many, in fact. While having hundreds of choices is never a bad thing, it does make narrowing down the possibilities a little trickier. Now, here is where I can help! To assist you in your search for the designer furniture of your dreams, I’ve checked in with our lovely sales team and ask them which pieces they like the best. Since they know our collection of luxurious furniture the best, they will also know which pieces deserve to be in your home. Now, without further ado, here are Karl’s designer furniture picks! He is one of our most experienced sales consultants.


Designer Furniture We Love Karl Picks


Lounging is one of Karl’s favorite activities to do at home. Thus, his favourite designer sofa from our immense Scandinavian sofa collection is none other than the Cosima. With a depth of 120cm, it is undoubtedly one of the deepest sofas we have to offer. It is also modular, meaning you can piece the sofa blocks together however your heart desires. Since it boasts a squarish design, it enables intriguing placement possibilities, as seen in the picture above. There’s more to it though! The Cosima comes with thick arms, which act as the perfect perch for a tray, book or laptop. Designer furniture doesn’t get more functional than this!


Designer Furniture We Love Karl Picks


The Skagen is, truth be told, one of our less fanciful dining tables. However, this piece of modern furniture does have a few interesting features going for it. First, the minimalistic and natural wood grain design offers a simple sort of beauty. Next, the Skagen is made of solid wood, which means you can sand it down when it wears with age and use. This is not possible with veneer tables! Finally, it comes with a wallet-friendly price tag for its quality – the favourite piece of news every Singaporean loves to hear no?


Designer Furniture We Love Karl Picks


In the past few years, the Form collection has been making waves in the designer furniture community. Therefore, if you find it familiar, it is likely that you have seen it before in pictures or in restaurants once before. In recent years, this chair, which was designed by Simon Legald, won a fair number of awards. Building upon its success, Simon decided to create the Form Chair in various other ‘forms’ (get it?), such as a bar stool and swivel chair. With its sleek design and multiple colour/material options, pairing it with other modern furniture pieces is exceptionally easy. Finally, this chair is famous for the exquisite comfort it offers, something which Karl heartily agreed with.


Designer Furniture We Love Karl Picks


Lighting that’s functional and elegant at the same time? That would be the stunning Piper – according to Karl that is. Brass furniture is trending now and no other designer furniture carries it better than the Piper Pendant. The Piper is available as a table lamp, a 3-arm pendant and a 5-arm pendant. It can also accommodate bulbs of different shapes!


Stay tuned for further blogs on designer furniture we love!


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