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Designer Furniture of 2018: Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part Two)

Bolia’s Spring Collection Designer Sofa

In love with the designer furniture pieces featured in the first article of Bolia’s spring collection? Don’t worry – we are too! Here is another trio of the latest designs from Bolia – the Scandinavian furniture brand for lovers of modern life.


Bolia logo


Bolia does more than just retail Scandinavian furniture. They manufacture comfort, passion and most critically, design. By running your hands across any Bolia design, you can immediately tell that the materials they use are of incredibly high quality. The fact that these materials are harvested using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices is less obvious but still very much true. In addition, the chemicals, finishes and crafting procedures used by Bolia have been proven to surpass legal safety standards. This guarantees the safety of you and your loved ones.

Strap – A sleek modular shelving unit

Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part 2)


Modern furniture should be functional. But what is considered practical to one customer may be less so for the next. This is why the constant innovation and the option to customize is of true import in our business. In an effort to expand the functionality of the Strap, Bolia has decided to include a glass cabinet modular unit, as seen above. Now, imagine this in your home. Wouldn’t it look utterly gorgeous?!


Mix – Now in stunning terrazzo

Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part 2)


The Mix Coffee Table is one of my personal favourites from Bolia’s incredible line of designer furniture. The basic form of this table involves a circular slab of marble that is bracketed by slanted wooden legs. Available in three different sizes, finding one that fits your home’s theme is more than easy. From this Spring onwards, the Mix Coffee Table is available in beautiful Terrazzo, a composite material that is more traditionally seen in floors. Who knew it’d be perfect for a coffee table as well?


Camillo – An audacious bar trolley

Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part 2)

Do you have a penchant for hosting parties? The Camillo does too! Crafted using a clever combination of marble and brass, the Camillo is the perfect guest for any and every get-together. If you are not a fan of designer furniture yet, the Camillo will surely be able to convince you otherwise.


Stay tuned!
Bolia’s designer furniture is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes. To explore Bolia’s full range, please click here. Stay tuned to our design blog for more updates on designer furniture from Europe.


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