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Designer Furniture of 2018: Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part One)

Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection Bend Chair

One might think that Bolia, the Scandinavian furniture brand for lovers of modern life, will take a breather after releasing their 2018 collection. They have never been more wrong. In the coming months, Bolia intends to release yet another jaw-dropping designer furniture collection. Here are just three of the various modern furniture pieces that we have picked out for your viewing pleasure. Of course, there are many more of these pieces to come.


But first, who or what exactly is Bolia?



Bolia logo

Bolia is more than just another furniture company based in Europe. They are champions of design, comfort and much more. These are what they are known for:


  • A wide array of materials and a myriad of customisation choices
  • Socially responsible practices, ensuring that minimum harm comes to the environment.
  • Chemicals, finishes and crafting procedures used are in accordance with the EU REACH Standards. This means they exceed legal safety standards, ensuring YOUR safety as well as your loved ones.   


Now that that’s done, let’s get to the more exciting part – the actual furniture pieces!


Fuuga – A designer sofa that screams pink!


Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part One) (4)


Even without a complete view of the Fuuga Sofa, you can already tell that it is blessed with a silhouette that draws you in with a single look. To accentuate its clean lines, the designers at Bolia have chosen a sweet pink shade that gives it a sense of lightness, which acts as an excellent contrast to its solid outline. Next, we invite you to take a closer look at the detailing in the fabric. Isn’t it simply gorgeous?


With this new arrival, it is abundantly clear that no one does modern furniture better than Bolia.


(If you are not a fan of pink but adore the Fuuga Sofa, not to worry! This designer sofa is likely to be available in various other hues as well.)


Posea – A luxurious side table that mimics the sky


Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part One) (4)


The Posea Side Table is one of Bolia’s older designs. However, it is doing exceedingly well in the designer furniture market, probably in thanks to its minimalistic, sleek frame. Since its debut, this side table has also been adapted into a lovely bench with a garden-inspired theme. But now, Bolia is looking skywards. Behold the Resin Posea Side Table, which depicts a stunning mix of deep blue and milky white. Surely it will look perfect next to a Scandinavian sofa of a similar shade?


Bend – A modern dining chair that twists in the light


Designer Furniture of 2018 Bolia’s Spring Collection (Part One) (4)


In crafting Scandinavian furniture, both in the past and present, the form of a chair is of special import. To achieve maximum comfort, it should curve along the body instead of the other way around. The Bend Dining Chair took this concept and ran with it. Take a closer look at this piece of designer furniture and you will spy intriguing twists and turns, all of which cumulate to form a masterpiece of a dining chair.


Stay tuned!


In love with Bolia’s stunning collection of designer furniture? Don’t worry, we know exactly how that feels. Stayed tuned to our design blog for more sneak peeks of Bolia’s 2018 Spring Collection!





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