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6 New Sofas Take Lounging Comfort To The Next Level

3-Seater Gaia Sofa

New years are about setting resolutions, celebrations and fun but on top of that, changing things up and replacing the old with the new can also inspire new ideas and fuel motivation.


Taking pride in being more than just a furniture brand, Bolia is creative and design-oriented. As such, Bolia is the new Scandinavian design. Meticulously designed furniture and handcrafted quality are also Bolia’s promises to ,you, creating perfection on your behalf.


In 2018, Bolia’s new collection is more eclectic than ever. With a plethora of new furniture pieces, whether it is time to freshen things up at home or injecting new life into a new home, the new collection is sure to spark conversations and receive compliments.


Grace Sofa


With that being said, the Grace Sofa by the award-winning designer duo Yonoh in the 2018 collection is the star of the show, with the various configurations that goes up to 5 seaters in luxurious upholsteries, it is the perfect addition to your living space.



Gaia Sofa


The high end Gaia Sofa, true to its namesake, is like a mother taking care of your comfort yet still elegant. The beautiful silhouette of the sofa contrasting with the fluffy pillows is the creativity and fresh look you would definitely love to include in your home.


Between Sofa



Straying from the norm, the Between Sofa is the fun and quirky piece that while being unconventional, is still designed with quality and comfort in mind. Though it’s a daring piece, with the different colours and variation of fabrics available for customization, the Between Sofa would still fit right into your home effortlessly.



Noora Sectional Sofa


For the pragmatist in you that don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort, the custom made Noora Sectional Sofa in the 2018 collection is also a must-have. This highly customizable sofa by Bolia is not only versatile but also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


Scandinavia Remix Sofa



To shake things up a bit but not forgetting the roots of scandinavian furniture, the Scandinavia Remix Sofa fully brings out the scandinavian design philosophy of modularity. It is also a modern take to the original Scandinavia Sofa that would also fit into any contemporary space, evoking a sense of luxury and comfort.



Gala Sofa


Finally, showcasing simplicity and minimalism in Scandinavian design is the new Gala Sofa is the perfect piece that exudes both elements. With simple clean lines and ergonomic shapes in the design of this sofa, nothing will remind you of home more than this understated piece of furniture.



Drum Coffee Table


Of course, great sofas couldn’t go without a coffee table to complement it, to spice things up, the Drum Coffee Table would be a good addition to your living space. Designed by Kaschkasch, the custom made beautiful Drum coffee table comes in 2 sizes to fulfil your needs.


Closer Side Table



Similarly, the Closer Side Table is also an exciting addition. With the intriguing siamese design, designer Sanna Völker is making sure that this table would wow your guests and complete your lounging experience.



Maya Rug


The most essential accessory to living spaces are rugs; add a pop of colour to yours with the Maya Rug. While delivering brilliant designs, Bolia also doesn’t neglect on quality, they use the finest and most luxurious materials that are sustainable and friendly to the environment.



Ronda Pouf


Finally, sit back and relax with the Ronda Pouf from the new collection. Take comfort to the next level and not losing sophistication with this flattering accompaniment to your sofa.


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