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5 Quirky Designer Sofas – Now in Singapore!

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Kuhl Home is the one-stop destination for gorgeous designer sofas in Singapore. These sofas have been brought to you from all over Europe, where design reigns. We have everything you could possibly imagine – from the classics, like the Scandinavia Sofa, to the practical, like the Cosima Sectional Sofa. For a select few of our clientele, these traditional options might seem boring. If you happen to fall in this group, then you might prefer one of the peculiar designer sofas below instead!

Between Sofa

5 Quirky Designer Sofas – Now in Singapore!
Within our collection of offbeat designer sofas, the Between Sofa comes out tops. It is a hybrid, a cross between an armchair and a sofa. As Singaporean homes and families are shrinking in size, perhaps something like the Between would be ideal in the long run. This particular designer sofa is available in three different colour combinations. My personal favourite is the one in deep dark blue with a yellow armrest. What about you?

Cloud Sofa

5 Quirky Designer Sofas – Now in Singapore!

Secondly, we have the Cloud Sofa, a darling piece of design everyone loves on sight. The perfect cross between a sofa and a cloud, the Cloud Sofa straddles the line between design and functionality cleanly. As the Cloud is also one of our more wallet-friendly sofas, it remains a favourite talking point among our staff and customers.

Swell Sofa

5 Quirky Designer Sofas – Now in Singapore!

Thirdly, there is the Swell by Normann Copenhagen. This eccentric designer sofa is designed after a staple food that everyone loves. If you’ve guessed ‘bread’, then you are absolutely correct! Playful, inviting and curvy, the Swell Sofa redefines the notion of ‘minimalistic’. When placed in your home, the Swell will undoubtedly draw in the envious gazes of your many guests. This designer sofa is available as a two-seater and a three-seater. In addition, it can be dressed up in a myriad of colours, making tailoring it to the theme of your home exceptionally easy.

Gala Sofa

5 Quirky Designer Sofas – Now in Singapore!
Next, we have the Gala! Have you ever been chastised for eating on the sofa? With the Gala Sofa, that will no longer be a problem! This designer sofa is an intriguing amalgamation of the dining bench and the sofa, which was lovingly conceived by Sebastian Alberdi from Barcelona. Take it home today to reinvent YOUR dining experience!

Liva Sofa

5 Quirky Designer Sofas – Now in Singapore!
Finally, time for a blast to the past! Inspired by the style of the 50s, the Liva Sofa offers a high back, clean lines and characteristic wings. This designer sofa offers a semblance of privacy, which is elusive in the Singaporean homes of today. As a result, there will be zero chance of someone looking over your shoulders! Sneaky~
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